List of love

I was visiting Schmutzie and she had a post up about things that make her happy which she got from Chookooloonks. So since other than Saint, I am having some serious bs around me and could use some good thoughts, I thought I'd participate.
  • When I make that connection with someone in a conversation where you both stop and nod because we tuned in to each other
  • When I am laying in bed at night, cuddling with Saint and I can hear him fall asleep while I lay quietly and listen to it all. Knowing he is right there. His heat keeping me extra warm. Knowing I am loved for who I am. Knowing I have a fighter that believes in me
  • When I come home and neither one of my cats can contain their excitement that I'm finally home and they are both "MEOW!" and "MEW" -ing away
  • When I see a child completely let loose and love life, a thing many adults have forgotten how to do
  • When I wake up in the morning and it is peaceful with the kitties milling about and I can get up get coffee and then curl up back in bed to read for awhile
  • Sitting down after a chaotic day, turn on the tv (the few channels I get) and realize that my favorite show is coming on in a few minutes. (rarely happens, but still great when it does)
  • A lazy day watching movies I have seen a million times
  • Getting to halfway through a book that is so good, I am sad that it will end soon
  • Arriving back from vacation and nothing in my fridge is good, but a milk chocolate filled with peanut butter lady finger
  • Hearing my favorite song on the radio
  • Getting a nice, long hug from my niece
  • a cup of java
  • someone else who makes and serves me coffee
  • having something in my head and then when I put it down on paper (computer?) it comes out exactly the way I wanted
  • a cold mug of beer with a good group of friends
  • a pair of jeans after they have been worn a few times
  • french toast with an egg sunny side up on top with lots of syrup
  • taking a picture and knowing instantly it is really good
  • waking up the morning of vacation
  • Saint calling me before he goes to bed to say good night
  • sigh, feeling just a little bit better after making a list of love

Hidden talent (from me that is)

I watched this made for TV movie a year ago (To Love and Die) and I fell in love with the girl in the movie; the character that she played. She was this really cool girl who did so many things well, but seemed kind of messed up too. I couldn't remember ever seeing this actress before, but I thought she just did a fabulous job.

Watching CW tonight, I realized that she is Shiri Appleby in Life Unexpected.

I can't figure it out, but I really like her characters that she plays. They seem so down to earth. Definitely someone I can relate to.

New Find - Maru the cat

I do not know how I happened upon Maru the cat, but I have to share. He is the CUTEST kitty I have seen on the internet (outside of my babies, of course) and I emailed the videos to everyone in my family bc it is too cute. So here is the link to Maru's blog and below I have shown one of his videos.

I have to be completely honest, I have never seen a cat do some of these things and I was fascinated, except when I was laughing hysterically at how darn cute he is!!