My Saint is coming

I haven't seen Saint since I left on Saturday. He made a guest appearance during his lunch hour at work to come back to the apartment and say goodbye since I was still asleep when he left. Very sweet.

I miss him. It feels like weeks since I have seen him. It is a given since we were living together and now we live in different cities.

I didn't think I'd get to see him til Christmas, but I think I guilted him in to coming out this weekend. (whoops) But I don't really care because I really, really miss him.

I woke up this morning thinking I get to see him in tomorrow!!! So excited. I can't wait. Sadly I have to work while he is here, but he doesn't seem to mind. He has a bunch of things to do on his honey-do list. lol Poor guy.

Wordless Wednesday - Cackling Geese

I have been doing research this morning trying to figure out what the geese are outside my window on the lake. They are VERY LOUD honkers!! I actually really like it. It's just funny when it gets quiet all I can hear is constant honking. It is very distinct.

From what I can tell, they are Canadian Geese, called Cackling Geese. How very appropriate.

I noticed this morning that the lake looks different and realized that it is because half of it has frozen. These geese don't seem to mind. It also occurred to me this morning, I wonder how long they will reside here? Will they fly somewhere else for the winter because it is already winter, to me?

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

I love to watch them. I wonder though, if they are all geese as I have seen these guys run for a very long distance across the top of the water.

Wordless Wednesday

This is where I live now

I woke up this morning to find this out my window -

When my moving vehicle arrived here yesterday there were small piles of snow off to the side of some of the streets.

When we walked my parent's dogs, there was a bit of snow on the grass mixed in with the pine needles.

And yes, I know that it snows here!! Thank you to all the people who stated that every time I said I was moving here.

But I have to be honest that it was a HUGE SHOCK to wake up and see that there was snow EVERY WHERE and it was still snowing.

I honestly thought I would have a few more weeks to get acquainted with the area before I was smacked in the face with snow blizzards.

I am laughing at myself too. Mind you. BUT I AM STILL IN COMPLETE SHOCK!!!
The above picture is my new awesome townhome. I am the second one in. I am so blessed. It is the coolest little place right in front of a gorgeous pond.

Above is my little road before I turn in to my driveway.

And there I am.

And here is the current view from my desk area - after the day of snowfall.

PS: If I've learned one thing about snow dwellers, they have no thought for the lines in the road or the lines in a parking area. They drive and park with as much room as they feel their vehicle needs.