Tuesday - Tune In & Teaser

This song is on constant loop on my itunes. It is really sad and I can understand the love and loss she feels in this song, even with the amazing relationship I am in. It is just such a hauntingly beautiful song.

Adele - Someone Like You

"The boy kneeledlike he was going to start exercising right there in the dust. The place where he had spilled his cup was completely dry; I couldn't even tell it had been wet. I could see the elastic bad of his underwear and the smooth skin where his back was exposed. NO marks, scratches or scabs of any kind. My own hands looked like some kind of treasure map, except the lines didn't lead to riches."

The Water Wars
Cameron Stracher

Author Signing - Kathleen Flinn

I was lucky enough to be able to meet, shake hands with and talk with author Kathleen Flinn. She was signing books at a local indie store. She got there from a flight from Colorado and was wearing clothes for colder weather. Right from the get-go she was cracking jokes. I loved that she is from a small town and asked if anyone else was from there - there was one woman and Kathleen says, "Oh then I can't tell that joke!" She is the most fabulous woman!! It felt like Kathleen and I had been friends forever - YOU know those people. I loved listening to her speak. I was just mesmerized. She is funny - she actually worked at a comedy club while in college - and she is charismatic. She immediately pulled me with her kindness and warmth.

Literally - when you see the picture she took with me and my SIGNED copy of her book! She just grabbed me and hugged me! Completely fearless of people. LOVE it!

She wrote, "Be fearless in the kitchen!" And look how cute her stamp is!!

I read her first Cooking Writing book called The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry which I LOVED!! She is a writer. When she comes home from a vacation she finds out her job is no longer. She calls her boyfriend and says, "Hey I'll move in with you," but he says, "No you should go to cooking school like you've always wanted." So she ends up in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu and from there her stories are just riveting. I laughed, I cried and my mouth watered the entire time. My mom even made a recipe out of the book. That is one thing I love, all of Kathleen's books come with recipes.

Her new book, The Kitchen Counter Cooking School is about a group of complete misfits in the kitchen - KIDDING. She talks to people, goes in their kitchens and teaches them not only how to cook, but what to look for and why to buy certain things. She doesn't just teach people how to cook, but WHY to cook.

Here's one of her stories from the book . . .

I cannot wait to sit down, read and then cook from her new book! So excited and really blessed that I got to meet her.

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She talked about two other books she is in the process of writing and I AM SO EXCITED! She is just such a talented writer.