What do you know about VC Andrews?

I have always had this preconceived idea that VC Andrews wrote horror novels. Which, if you have read my blog, I am not a fan of. I don't like to be scared. Thrillers, yes. Horror, absolutely not! After all the vampire series I have been reading lately, I thought I would give the Daughters of Darkness book a try when I drove in to town to visit my family. Plus, I knew I would be driving in the morning light. Nothing is ever as scary in the morning.

It could just be the speakers voice is wonderfully soothing, but I AM IN LOVE with this book. Sadly it is not a series.

She writes like a poet. She includes wonderfully intrinsic detail and story telling, within the actually plot. It is mystifying how beautiful the words come out.


What should I read next? Where do I go from here?

I am so excited. I have found a new author. Course, I am in love with Christopher Pike novels too, so I am recently double lucky to find a new author.

Crafty - Christmas Ribbon Wreath

I have been thinking about a ribbon wreath my family did ages ago and I cannot seem to get it out of my head. I have wanted to replicate it for years. Couple of days ago, I decided now was the time.

Texted my mom and told her I was coming over and could she please try and remember how we did the ribbon wreath?!?!?! Of course, she loves crafts, so she was excited.

My mom and I went to Michaels. We wandered around the store looking for the wire wreath holder. While looking, we passed this incredibly beautiful red peacock. I couldn't take my eyes off it. My mom said we would try and find a future craft to work it in. Sigh, we kept moving.

Turns out, Michaels doesn't carry the single wire wreath we were searching for. We got the back up wreath. A four wire round wreath. (I bet we could have used a wire hanger, but then shaping it would be a pain.)

We headed over to pick out ribbon.

I found a basic ribbon and then using the wire wreath tried to layout a plan while matching other ribbons to the main one I liked. I chose a white ribbon with red and green sparkle dots on it. I then chose a sheer green ribbon to match it. I figured I could use the two ribbons and alternate the ribbons on each ring. Green, polka dot, green and then polka dot. OR I could do one row of dots and then three rows of green. Not sure yet.

Realizing the ribbon had red, I asked my mom if she thought we could work the red peacock in?? She thought we could.

We went back to consider the peacock as the accent to the wreath.


We headed home with our goodies.

My mom cut the ribbon while I tied. A good strategy because as she cut the ribbons and figured out how many each sections of wire wreath would fit the best.

Fold the ribbons in half, then slide the ribbon between the wire bars, then tie the ribbons in a loop around the wire. We had to play with it a bit to find the right length and knot to the front.

For the second wire ribbon, just fold the previous ribbon down if it gets in the way.

Here's an example of when I needed to fold the previous tied ribbon down to reach the back wire.

After working the polka dot ribbon and then the green ribbon, we both started wondering if a thick red ribbon would make the wreath pop more. The red ribbon is actually wired. I wasn't thrilled with this til I realized how much more the ribbon would stay in place and help the wreath to keep shape. I am glad we ended up with red wire ribbon.

We went back to the store and grabbed a sparkle ribbon, after much debate, as we really wanted a ribbed ribbon, but couldn't find a reasonable price.

Here's my favorite part - the peacock!!

Here's a close up of the layered ribbons.

It took 2 hours to do this project. Four hours, if you include the time my mother helped me. (lol, this was a funny debate between the two of us) I kept saying, "look at the wreath I made". But she helped me a lot and I never gave her any credit. Whoops!

What do you think?

For not having any plans, nor colors, nor real ideas what I wanted to do, I think it turned out great!! Very festive and I can never get enough green!! Or red for that matter.

My mom wrote down all the measurements, if you are interested, just email me.

Tuesday - Tune In & Teaser

SO EXCITED!! Jurassic Park comes out on BluRay FINALLY!!!! TODAY!!
So in honor of that, Soundtrack Edition features no other than, Jurassic Park movie. This is incredible pieces of music that I play whenever I am at home, but not in the same room.

Opening Song -

Theme Song -

Journey to the Island -

Trailer -

American culture is no longer created by the people. Our stories, once passed from one generation to the next by parents, neighbors and teachers, are now told by distant corporations with "something to tell as well as sell." Brands, products, fashions, celebrities, entertainments - the spectacles that surround the production of culture - are our culture now.

Culture Jam:
How to Reverse America's Suicidal Consumer Binge - and Why We Must
by Kalle Lasn

Something New

Here's one I haven't dealt with in all my years in customer service/retail industry . . .

Found a small, clear, plastic bag of white powder in the store. Laying on the bench near the magazine rack.

Had to call the police to come pick it up. Met a really nice young officer who tested it. Turns out it was nothing that was drug related. Bummer. Still exciting though.

IMM - In My Mailbox

Blue Moon by Alyson Noel
Thirst #1 and #2 by Christopher Pike
A Match Made in Heaven by Kristin Walker
Feed by M.T. Anderson
Cultural Jam by Kalle Lasn
Cooking with Trader Joe's
The Time In Between by Maria Duenas
Making a Meal of It by Jui-shan Chang