beware of identity theft on easter

I love this email I received from my Aunt Scara -

Happy Easter

woot! i'm a winner

I just love it when I when something!! Takes me back to being a kid, that feeling the night before Christmas or my birthday and so excited because it was one whole day filled with surprises and excitement.

And . . .

it's even better when I win a book!!

I won

courtesy of The Bookclub Cookbook!!

What's cool is I can actually have the author, Pam Jenoff, talk to our bookclub. So we'll see.

Here's the description -

Almost Home

Ten years ago, American Jordan Weiss's idyllic experience as a graduate student and coxswain at Cambridge was shattered when her boyfriend and fellow crewmember, Jared Short, drowned in the River Cam the night before the biggest race of the year. Since that time, Jordan, a State Department intelligence officer, has traveled the world on dangerous assignments but has managed to avoid returning to face her painful memories in England.

five senses friday - monsoon

Visiting abby try again blog, I love her five senses friday. It is refreshing and beautiful. Thought I'd give it a try.

I've had a couple of really crappy past couple of days, so I plan on focusing on the main wonderful thing I experienced this week.

For (possibly) one more week we received really incredible low temperatures (for us) with rain and storms one last time before the god awful summer heat.

the new curtains I put up this past weekend billowing, swirling and whipping around

the clink of the blinds hitting the window sill

the cool breeze blowing around me, grazing my skin, the moistness of a storm to come


the heaviness of the rain to come and the lightness of the wind

Feel free to give Five Senses Friday a go (like I did). Click here for the link.

Valet with a foot up his arse

I work in retail. Anyone who's worked at a retail store knows we have special parking. And by special I mean way out in bfe because the customers have to be able to park right up front. (and then complain because they're still too far and. They're sure that one car next to them is an employee bc it's closer)

I have parked in the same parking spot since I started my job, but the people at work are divided. Some park in one spot to the left of the store, which is where I've been parking because its more lite up and more people walk by - I feel safer there. The others park to the right behind a restaurant. I figured out that the people who park by the restaurant do it because they feel they have easier exiting capabilities. They're right, they do and since I drive home that way I started parking there.

Last night I got in my car and there was a parking ticket on my windshield. Wth?

When I parked there before work it was public parking, but when I came out it was valet. They ticketed me because I parked in they're valet spot BUT IT WASN'T VALET WHEN I PARKED THERE.

Being the nice person I am, I thought I'd pull up n explain that to the valet attendant.

He told me it is always valet and that it was just a warning so I'd know not to park there anymore.

Actually it wasn't valet when I parked, I explained.

And there is where we hit a brick wall.

Just because a restaurant has valet after seven pm DOES NOT MEAN that after seven all cars still parked there are in violation. Bastards! He even had the gall to tell me, my supervisors should tell me where to park. I'm not stupid. And who even gave valet powers to ticket anyway?

Well now I'm going to have to call the damn mall security and managers because that just isn't correct.