american flags bad? on cinco de mayo, really?

Okay now it's gone too far. Did you SEE this?!?!

They actually sent home American students for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

Now I get that it may cause controversy, which schools don't want, but we are all about FREEDOM OF SPEECH and this was very tame, non violent speech for students. I mean hello, the students are taking a stand. They are paying attention. They are saying I care about what is going on in my country. No matter where you are from, or what you believe. You have to care that students are paying attention!!

My niece is 13 years old. She doesn't really know what is going on. It's just a fact. But when we talk about the situation, she has an opinion. Holy cow. Whether she agrees or not, with my opinion, I am SO PROUD of her!!

That is what this country is about. That is what we stand for:

Reverse the item and see how many students they would send home wearing Mexican flag tees on July 4th?!?!?!?!

Breakfast - healthy and tastes good

I'm guessing about 75% of the time for breakfast for the past 31 years I have eaten cereal. All types of cereal.

  • fruit loops
  • honey nut cheerios (with sliced bananas)
  • pops
  • special K with yogurt
  • apple jacks
The other 20% of the time I have eaten oatmeal. Instant oatmeal. Peach flavored.

I love breakfast foods, but in all honesty I am not much in making food in the morning unless I am off work for the day.

I want something quick and easy. But more importantly something that tastes good.

Cereal always tastes good.

In the past week or so I have switched it up. Thanks to a tip from a woman I work with.

Every morning she makes her son eggs and bacon for breakfast and because she does this for him (a simple request according to her), she makes herself breakfast as well.

Spinach and egg whites.

I listened to her explain how she prepares this. My jaw drops, it's so easy. My automatic reaction, it can't be that easy. It never is.

So one morning Saint and I decide to make breakfast. Since he goes to work at 3am most mornings, he is up earlier than I am on days off. (but that isn't why he got up and went to the store before 7am - he did that because he is awesome) He got up and bought food.

Eggs, cheese, bacon, ham (his request), spinach and peppers (my request).

And after this morning, a new addition to my breakfast was born.

Spinach and eggs.

With a small change to my friend's breakfast - I like egg yolks.

So here's how I make it:

1. Wash the fresh spinach, spray the pan with PAM and then put the spinach in the pan. Let it cook for about two minutes.

2. Crack the eggs in over the spinach. Don't mix it. Just crack them and leave them to cook. I think it's about four minutes.

3. Flip the entire egg and spinach creation over. Let it cook. No really, leave it alone, don't mix or cut or anything. If you have to, make coffee or do the dishes or something so you're not tempted. It cooks for about another four minutes.

5. Done. I add toast, though when I get out the grocery store I plan to pick up some english muffins. Oh, yum. That is homemade (grandma's homemade) rhubarb jelly on that toast.

See how easy it is???

Post It Note Tuesday

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A blog award - honest scrap & things about me

An award!

A blog award from Jayayceeblog!!!

How sweet is she?! So excited!!

Here are the rules for this one ... I must share ten honest facts about myself and then pass it on to five other deserving bloggers.

1. I have an automated calendar on my phone AND a hand written one on my fridge. I know it seems old fashioned and a bit much, but I am comforted by being able to have my calendar with me all the time. And when I am home, I just glance up and can know instantly what is going on in the near future.

2. I love the rotten egg smell that is put into gas. It actually smells good to me. Go figure.
  • courtesy of wiki answers - Ethane Thiol. IT is one of the smelliest substance on earth and can be detected in really tiny traces by the human nose in the region of o.oooooooo1 % in the air.

3. I talk to my cats, Izabel and Tuesday. I tell them every morning what flavor cat food they are having for breakfast; I ask them how their day was; I tell them how I am doing too. They have been there for me and I swear they understand.

4. I love events!! I love food tastings, festivals, fairs. Absolutely anything that is an event with people, food, fun and all the add-ins. I love the crowds (although people are occasionally annoying). I love people watching. I love the food - all the wacky, weird food like cheese curds. I love being outside and I love experiencing new things.

5. I have so many books on my shelf that I could very well have my own bookstore, yet I constantly buy more books. I have books I am going to read, books I meant to read, books I want to read and a very few books I have read.

6. I am highly allergic to most perfumes and colognes which makes working in retail a bit of a struggle. I can usually smell women coming - which hello, go lightly on the perfume, ladies!!!! One spritz is perfect. You should only smell it if you are (very) up close and personal.

7. I was married once to a man with a son from a previous marriage. We just didn't agree on anything. I never knew how unhappy I was until I now - when I am more happy than I ever thought possible. Sometimes I am sad. I miss that kid deeply. It's hard when I raised him for five years. But I am not sad that we are no longer together. We weren't good for each other. I know that now. I am with Saint, who I am shocked every day how easy and comfortable it is to be with him. We are kind to each other. We are good to each other. And I still occasionally have this eerie feeling where I think something must go wrong (bc it's so good) or on the opposite how strange it feels to be so happy, so carefree. But I am learning to enjoy my life now. The fact that I am happy AND with someone who I love is glorious.

8. I have been blogging since 2005. I have blogged with wordpress and blogger. When I am out and about I take pics all the time. My mom and I snicker because people give us looks and we secretly laugh about our blogging. It is fun to have a partner in crime to talk to about all this blogging stuff. She is my best friend and I am very blessed to have a relationship with her like this. (guess that is Number 9)

9. see above

10. I am a high maintenance sleeper. I sleep with a body pillow, a humidifier and two cats, though they take turns on who sleeps on the bed and at what times. I sleep diagonal on the bed. I am a covers hog. I also sleep with a mouth guard for my TMJ, which is very sexy. (smirk) And I have to have water by the bedside to drink.

I pass this award to the following bloggers -

How I met my House Party

I drive into the apartment complex, so excited to even be looking with, honestly, not much chance of being able to rent here. But I have to know. My lease is up in about six months and I have to at least look at this place

I get out and take a deep breath just knowing that it is better air here; better everything here. This place could mean the beginning of a beautiful future. I just know it.

Almost five years ago (at least) I remember driving by this place and thinking how much I would love to live here. It is right next to a wonderful shopping center. It is at the epic center of highways. In the middle of the city. Out of the way, but in the way too.

I could just imagine myself walking across to the shopping center and wandering through the stores; people watching with my coffee in my hand. Enjoying the beautiful weather and gorgeous surroundings. It is like a cross between Manhattan and San Diego. (i think) A great place for a singe gal starting over. A place to get out and be someone, even just in my off time.

As we walk through the apartments I am trying to prepare myself for disappointment. It was just a little over a year ago that I moved into a closet of an apartment because that was all I had in my bank account after my husband and I broke up. My life had been ripped apart and I was a complete wreck.

This apartment signified a new change in the course of my life. It meant I had finally begun to arrive where I wanted to be going. It meant that I had been going in the right direction ever since. It meant things were possible and maybe I hadn't made the biggest mistake of my life. It meant being alone all those nights surrounded by boxes of crap and wondering how I had ended up here actually may have been worth it. Worth something.

It had huge windows. It had a kitchen big enough to cook in and a counter/bar that overlooked the living room AND dinning room. The living room had more than enough room that I could lay down on the floor fully extended and not have to move any furniture or boxes. It had a spare bedroom for my crafting. It had a master bedroom that looked like it could fit more than a bed.

A real live apartment. A real live place to live in.

A place that could possibly compare to one in tv or a magazine.

I wanted this apartment because I wanted this life.

Now here I sit. I have been in my lease for almost six months now. I look around and wonder how it was all possible. I have made so much happen in my life. Not that I have ever been one to sit by and let life happen to me. Oh no, I am a pursuer of life. But when life had me so down I wasn't sure I would ever get back up and now I know that anything is possible again.

It is a cautionary tale that I remind myself of, well a little less each day because I am trying to enjoy the fact that I have made good choices and continue to make good choices. I don't have to live my life scared anymore. I don't have to worry when life is bringing me happiness that something will come by and tear it down. I don't have to worry that living in the moment is because I may not have them tomorrow.

Life heals.

We move on.

As I do and continue to do. In my cute, still dream like, real life apartment.

(our suburban cottage asks the question, how did you meet your house?)