wordless wednesday answer from yesterday

In case you visited yesterday, the answer to where I was in my Wordless Wednesday post is -

And surprisingly, I didn't buy anything. We stopped in because we had to use the restroom. (lol) Yes, I work in retail and I still go into establishments and only use the bathroom. But that is what happens when I drink a full glass of water, tea and other stuff at lunch, then try to walk around the shopping center. Whoops, no way to drive home like that. Friends don't let friends drive home with a full bladder. (or mom's don't let daughters . . . )

It was so pretty and clean and spacious, I felt the need to take pictures. (uhm, Sacks I mean, not the restroom) Which I am sure the workers there thought was oh so uncouth. As I too wonder sometimes what people are thinking when they are doing some randomly weird, unexplainable thing in my store.

I honestly, don't think I have ever bought something at Sacks. Have you? I felt so much like in Holly in Breakfast at Tiffany's where she just wants to have some token from the place of heaven. Well, maybe not heaven, but man, is that a cool looking store or what?

Wordless Wednesday - guess where I am?

Check back in with me tomorrow to see the picture of where I am.

wordless wednesday

bachelorette - just another opinion

The most amazingly drama filled, crap loaded episode ever!!


The wrestler, Rater R has a girlfriend? Who cares? Yes, he is an ass. There is bound to be at least a few asses on this show. Not to mention, he is on tv. He is a professional tv wrestler. He had a girlfriend. HOW did the show miss this? (pause) That's what I thought. All tv ratings.

The drama with Ali and Chris, a bit over the top.

Who is Jessie? And how the hell has Jessie incorporated into this? And Jessica - his girlfriend, made up pretty much like she is ready for tv interviews. Ugh. Just gross.

HOW can a tv show, based on tv cameras, not catch the gy sneaking off for a call to his girlfriend???

I do however, give Ali the HIGH FIVES for going after the truth and trying to get Justin to talk about it. But it's live tv. When you're caught, who wants to be seen as the liar? He was out of there as fast as his bum leg would carry him . . . through the bushes of the hotel. And I gotta say, I never get tired of hearing a guy stutter when their trying to cover up a lie. It's quite funny.

I find it funny that Craig R would say that if you've already been married, then you wouldn't want to jump right back in. Oh uhm, yes, if you figured out what happened; what went wrong and what you want - then as the quote goes, "The minute you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want your life to start right now!"

Olive Oil wresting in Turkey? Do you think they use EVOO? I don't really get the Craig thing. I don't see a love connection with him. He would be great friends with Ali, but love? I just don't see it. (oh wait, SPOILER ALERT, he was not given a rose)

Every woman should have one of those belly dancing outfits in their closet! Forget wearing it for some guy (sorry Saint I swear I didn't mean it), but I want one because they sound awesome and make your belly look flat and beautiful. Speaking of which, where is mine?? lol

For a more in depth look at The Bachelorette check out this blog. She has great pics and lots of good dirt on the show.

Metablogging - to follow or not to follow


In the beginning, I would find a blog and follow them simply because I liked their writing. Maybe I even only liked that one post that I read, but I always thought, if later, I didn't really relate to their writing then I would just unfollow.

Easy, thinking.

Like? Follow

No like? Unfollow

But the fact is, once I really got started following people I had so many people I couldn't possibly go through and read all their posts. And as a fellow blogger, I AM A SUPPORTER. If you blog and I like your blog, I want to support you. I want you to know that I am listening. Which means I comment on your blog. Especially when it reaches out and grabs me.

But if after many times of visiting your blog, I don't relate or the post doesn't make me comment, I feel the need to unfollow.

Is this wrong? To unfollow?

I wouldn't think so.

Then I get comments from people who ASK ME TO FOLLOW THEM and I gotta be honest, I think this is rude. I think it is assumptive. I think this feels like high school where if I am cool I will have a million followers.

Is that the goal? To just have followers?

I feel the goal is not to just have a side bar that has a million followers, but to find blogs that you care about and read them, then comment on them. If you read that blog constantly, follow it. Share it. Etc.

Yes it is oh so cool to read and comment on blogs like Dooce or Pioneer Woman, but by the time we really get to these maybe they are already a paying job. Not to say anything bad about that. There isn't. Heck that would be an awesome job. And I constantly read both those blogs. I even own Pioneer Woman's cookbook - it's signed - but I am looking to support my fellow bloggers who are out there letting their voice be heard too. But does that mean, I should go around the blogosphere and just click follow on every blog?

The point?

Please don't ask me to follow you.

If I am playing along with a follow me day, cool, follow me. But do you really need to ask me to follow?

If you love a blog, follow it.

If you love a post, comment on it.

Wanna contribute to Metablogging week? Go here. Or go check out Scmutzie bc I like her blog. (yes, I follow her)

Martha Monday - the craft room make-over

Are you creative?
Do you love to invent recipes, scrapbook,
photography, gardening, etc?

Do you love to just TRY and be inspired?
You don't have to BE Martha
all you need is the feeling to cultivate and share
every Monday right here
Martha Monday

I do not have very many "before" pictures of my craft room simply because a) I rarely ever went in there and if I did it was to stow an item or eight million and/or b) it is really really messy. Not photo worthy.

Here is just a glimpse of some of the way I had my stuff "organized."

Went to IKEA
I went to IKEA four times!!
On the last time I actually purchased furniture.
But that wasn't the end of it.
I went back one more time because out of the three pieces of furniture, one was missing a piece and one was broken.

I bought a cube with 12 places for storage.
I bought a corner desk and the elongated matching desk.

Then I went to Walmart and purchased six extra large square canvas baskets.
This combined with the other smaller canvas baskets, mixed with the baskets I already had should be more than enough to organize effectively.

It took 8 hours to put all this furniture together!!!

Now I couldn't just organize the craft room.
It became a full apartment overhaul.
In order to get everything in the craft room I had to move the table out to the patio, the bookshelf into the closet and then organize.

Which is actually great because then I had room for the papasan that I love. I have been holding on to that little treasure for a couple years. It's really the reading chair. So cozy for a long book.
Should Saint decide to move in after his lease is up (ooh, crossing fingers), he will have space for a desk too.

As you can see, Tuesday was psyched to get her much loved window seat back. A prime spot on the desk. Though she and I both know that during serious crafting, that bed will be put on the floor. Not that she cares, she will simply lay on whatever - papers, pens, etc.

I love the colored cubes. Yet, I find myself trying to organize them so they look better. Ugh, the falls of a Type A personality.

I organized this room about five times before I finally felt it was good enough for a break. All my stuff just kept multiplying so there way always more to organize and go through. Crazy.
Tuesday again, checking out her new diggs.

Here are the final pics, after all the major papers, tools and crap where thrown out or organized into better systems.

Here is my desk. Chair has got to go. Any suggestions on a cool, comfy chair? This one is great, but as you can see there is not one but two pillows to help with comfort. It is a bit broken so when I sit in it, it falls back.

Check out the cool new Making Memories desktop carousel! It was on sale at Michael's craft stores. WOOT!

I did keep a couple of the plastic shelving units. The little one is so organized, I couldn't get rid of it. The two filing cabinets under the desk will have to be gone through and combined. I don't plan to keep the little plastic one that has apparently died on one of the moves.

Ahhh, papasan you and I have a date with an awesome book very, very soon.

What has inspired you this week?