I know I had a bad day when . . .

I realize I still don't know how to stick up for myself and trying to be nice gets me no where. (googling assertiveness as we speak)

I leave my phone at home, only to finally arrive at home after an eight hour work day and realize no one called me. (actually this didn't happen, Saint called me, but still only one phone call all day?)

Four guys about sixteen years old with the skinniest limbs ever ask me consecutively if I need help out to my car - with three grocery bags. (I felt the need to seriously flex in front of them)

I asked every single person who walked in and worked with if they wanted to partake in our charity card and not one accepted. Yet all around me, other sales people are practically giving them away. (control the need to say FU)

My neighbors have surely figured out that they can play their music as loud as they want as soon as the apartment complex closes and before the nightly security comes on duty and therefore never get caught. (losing my mind here people)

I make dinner, invite Saint and on this night he calls to tell me he is running late which is fine because food going to be done for twenty more minutes, but the moment I put the phone down and check the food, I realize it's ready. Not to mention, I was already two glasses of wine in by the time he arrived. Now how did that happen?(martha stewart, where are you?)

I am a good person, I like people, I work hard and there is this person at work who is making my life hell and I am starting to hate them for it. And I don't hate people. I just don't. I can always relate to someone, their life and/or their pain, but this person - I really, really despise. They talk badly behind my back to fellow associates, using every opportunity to make me look bad and is really nice when the big people are around. There is no way to let management know without looking petty or stupid and I do not know how to play the game. I am not a fan of fake people, but this person is plain mean. I don't get it. (once again googling assertiveness and controlling the urge to say FU)

I own a tv, antennae and a converter box, but when I actually sit down to watch tv there is nothing on worth watching. (the reason I have read four books in one week)

Here's to having an AWESOME weekend!!!

TGIF peeps!

No sleep for the weary

What would you do if you were woken up by your neighbors base music AGAIN a little after midnight?

A) Call the local security patrol only to be told it's their night off

B) Call the after hours courtesy call only to be told that they may or may not call back in about 20 minutes

C) Write a review of the sh*tty service at this apartment

D) Get on the computer and blog after thinking horribly mean thoughts like squirting super glue in my a**hole neighbors locks and keying their car and having my cat pee on their front door rug

E) All of the above

I have a sprout

I ordered a little grow my own cat grass kit.

I ordered this knowing that every single time I have ever tried to grow something, it died.

When I was in college, I wanted a rabbit desperately. For Christmas, my parent's bought me a chia pet rabbit (still not funny) and told me if I kept it alive for a year, they would buy me one. It died less than two weeks later. I don't think I ever saw any green.

When I was little and we used to have that science project to grow an avocado seed or pumpkin seed. Unless my mother helped, my never sprouted.


I have a few sprouts on the new cat grass kit!!

They are a beautiful thing.

Now I just have to keep it alive enough for it to grow. Tuesday will be so happy about having cat grass.

Wordless Wednesday - warning creepy crawler

Warning these pictures contain bugs and creepy crawlies!!!

When I was scooping out my possible job relocation, we spotted this tarantula. Apparently there is an Indian story that you can tell the amount of snow a town will receive by the size of the tarantulas. This sucker was a big one. And quick. He got bit by a few large red ants, shook his leg and took off.

How cool is it the way he blends in so well?

And one little picture of the main bar street of the little town I will be living in, in less than a month . . .

(not so)
Wordless Wednesday

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