Review - I Am Number Four movie

From the first five minutes, I had a feeling this movie was going to be good. It is really nice to know that I read the book long enough ago that the details are not as clear in my head. I can watch and enjoy the movie without too much knowledge of what they are not doing correctly.

Did I mention Timothy Olyphant is in it? Oh, wow is he good looking. lol Still looks good since the movie, Go.

I am not usually a fan of when a book is turned in to a movie. It always ruins it. I have this picture in my head, voices, sounds and it almost never fits the cast or scenery, even when they show the supposed cast on the cover of the book. I have such a vivid imagination that I always make up my own movie to follow the book.

I have to point out that when the book says there are rings burned in to their legs when one of the aliens was killed by hunter, I pictured the rings going around their legs, not in a circle design one above the other. Can you imagine being number 9? (well, you would be alive longer) But you would be unrecognizable because of all the large circle tattoos. Or maybe totally recognizable.

It, of course, differs from the movie, in that is has a bit of a rushed feeling. They get right to the point instead of allowing the characters to develop. I think they did an incredible job of the hunters make-up. They look and sound incredible. Exactly as I pictured them! And of course, Henry, Timothy Olyphant, is way better than I pictured him. I already like Dianna Argon, who plays Sarah, from her being on Glee. The main character, Alex Pettyfer or John Smith, immediately pulls me in to a boy trying to grow up and develop a life when he is always moving around. The need to find and build a home is pouring out of him. It is easy to forget he is an alien. With Sarah standing beside him, it almost feels like they are normal teenagers in a movie. "The places are only as good as the people you know in them."

Right off the bat they give a sneak preview of Number Six, who is bad ass!! Can't wait to read the next book, The Power of Six, and then, of course, see the movie! I don't think I pictured someone quite as awesome as her. I may have to switch the character in my head to match this girl for the following book.

Special effects are incredible and I wish I had seen this one in the theaters!! I pictured much bigger Mog eating aliens, but they definitely don't disappoint.

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Tuesday - Tune In

I have been singing this song for the past week. I cannot get it out of my head. Course I listen to it ever chance I get. I am not sure why or what struck a chord with me. Maybe I am just in a very romantic mood because my boyfriend is coming to stay with me for a whole week and I cannot stand it. I am so excited to see him and be normal for a time. It is so hard to have a long distance relationship and when I love this man so much, I occasionally get worried of what may happen in the future.

My poor team at work, has been serenaded by me all week. lol

An oldie, but goodie!! I love that this video gives some background to the song.

Carole King and James Taylor Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Review - Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard

Title: Never Have I Ever
(The Lying Game #2)
Check out review for Lying Game #1 here
Author: Sara Shepard
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publish Date: Aug 2, 2011
Hardcover, 309 pages

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Dear Sara Shepard,
Thank you,

I love these books. They are so much fun. I cannot put them down. I cannot wait for the next book in the series, Two Truths and a Lie. I feel like a teenager again and am rooting for the main character. I just want to know what it going on. The suspense is killing me.

Emma is a twin sister. One she wasn't aware of until a mysterious online video is shown to her where she is being strangled to death. She finds out she has a long long sister In finding her, she ends up assuming her life and all the drama that goes along with it. In the sequel to The Lying Game, Emma starts to find out who her real friends are and who she should be more aware of. She also falls deeper in love with Ethan, the mysterious boy in the neighborhood who doesn't run in her sister's normal circle.

Questions still remain - Is Sutton alive or dead? Who killer her? And will Emma find out before she meets the same fate?

Summary -
Sutton Mercer watches from the afterlife as her long-lost twin, Emma Paxton, takes over her identity to solve her murder. But after ruling out her early leads, Emma still hasn’t found Sutton’s killer. A lot of people wanted her dead—but one name keeps popping up: Thayer Vega. When the gorgeous and mysterious Thayer returns to town, Emma has to move fast to figure out whether he’s back for revenge…or if he already got it.

Set in a town where friends can turn into dangerous enemies and everyone harbors dark secrets, The Lying Game is a juicy new series that fans of the #1 New York Times bestselling Pretty Little Liars series—and the hit ABC Family show—will love.

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