11 things

REVERB 10: What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

1. The assisted call: When I pick up the phone to call for help, when I know very well that I can handle the situation, but a) I don't want to b) I don't have to or c) I don't care to.

2. Whining: OMG I have become a bit of a whiner this year about everything. STOP IT!

3. Not Doing: I spend way to much time (see #2) whining about not getting the things I love done like photography, scrapbooking, working out, etc bc I don't make time for them.

4. Not making time: Spending way too much time doing nothing of importance, which is okay, except when I do it all the time.

5. Over thinking: I way over think everything. JUST DO IT! (lol)

6. Not paying my bills on time: It isn't that I don't have the money, I just (ahem, see #4) don't get around to them.

7. Revisiting my swimming years: When in fact, I can make new ones should I ever work up the nerve or time to actually get back in the pool.

8. Not dropping things to do stuff: I would love to do more outside the house with people that doesn't require work. Grabbing a beer; wandering through a store; visiting home - no more excuses: GO OUT!

9. Worrying about what other people think: I hate that I spend so much time concerned with what other people think or feel when I should just do what I feel or think is right and good.

10: Trying to contain all my insides inside: I don't let people in as often as I could. Let them know who I really am, what I really feel, what I really think. I can let people feel as if they are getting to know me when in reality I have censored a bunch of stuff. Open up my doors and let my freak flag fly. STOP FILTERING.

11. Relishing in the fact that my life is finally good, really good: Celebrate that I have come so far and have so many wonderful aspects and people in my life.

**check out Nodakademic's version

Making friends

Once again, here I am making friends.

I spoke to my landlady over a week ago about the move in check-in form. There were a few things on there of concern. One being the light is out in the garage. I come home late at night and leave early for work which means it is dark and since I live a bit in the booneys, it is PITCH DARK. She has told me they have tried to fix the light, but apparently it can't be fixed and the whole unit needs to be replaced. I said fine, replace it. Apparently my land lady didn't hear that part?? I called and she said that she has to speak to the owner who is in Israel. Fine, speak to her and get back to me. Nope, she says, that the owner may not want to fix it. FINE! I say, then we need to discuss compensation for the fact that I have to have a light on 24/7, costing me more money and it is a safety issue. She says, it's just a light. I say,fine, then fix it. And around we go.

The other issue is the drains on the house are draining on my driveway creating ice right in front of the door. Again with the safety issues. She says this is the home owners association. Fine, so I need to call them? She says she will call them. Fine, call them, but call me and tell me what/when they are doing something.

She acts all high and mighty because the fireplace people are scheduled to come out this Friday, but lady, I CALLED THEM!!

Geez!! How hard is it to get a little communication around here? I realize this is a small town, but fuck it's been a week and she has not called anyone?!?!

I am guessing my land lady and I are not going to be friends.

Wordless Wednesday - my fav thing

I have been searching for months (MONTHS PEOPLE!) for my favorite breakfast item - Quaker Peaches N Cream Oatmeal. Not one store has carried it. And believe you me, I have had more than a few people.

Then I was wandering through a new store, in my new city and as I walk by the cereal aisle, I am thinking, NOPE no, they won't have it, WHY LOOK?? But I can't not look, right?? So I look! AND THERE IT IS!!! I am so excited I squeal - just a bit - and think about taking every box they have, but then reconsidered and just bought six boxes.


Wordless Wednesday