Luv you, Katy Perry

Just got out of the movie, Katy Perry, Part of Me in 3D.

Each time I mentioned I wanted to see this movie, I got eye rolls, sighing or worse, "just tell us you are really going to see Magic Mike." 

BUT  . . .

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It was so much better than I thought it would be and I was really excited to see it. That rarely happens. Usually when I am excited to see a movie, it a disappointment because I hype it up in my mind so much more.

Katy Perry is so wonderfully unique that I can't help but love her. She is girl next door pretty, fun. kind and so creative. The movie gave light to her amazing work ethic, her love of family and friends and her never ending beautiful heart.

I laughed. I cried. I felt inspired and I saw how other girls, young and old, see her as a woman superstar paving the way for us to finally come out and be ourselves. She embraces who she is even, if her parents don't live that way. She doesn't disgrace them or negate them either. They live in a (semi) harmony. Good for them. We should all be so lucky. I hope to b able to pass that feeling of embracing yourself for whoever you will be to my kids one day.

Her relationship with Russell Brand was part of the movie, which I was unaware of. I knew she was married to him, but didn't realize he was a point of topic. I could not believe the amount of effort she put in to her relationship. Now it is only one sided, from the movie, but she flew all over to see him and not once did he come see her. Amazing. I felt for her. Doing everything you possible can, sometimes just isn't enough. But she worked through and kept her head high. She amazes me.

Her music is spectacular too! I love many of her songs and to know that five songs on one record were #1 hits which is more than any other singer (other than Michael Jackson) is unbelievable. Good for her. To know she went through 3 record labels, no one knowing what to do with her til she ended at Capital.

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