Grace in small things - edition eight

1. a beer (or four) + the movie Grease + friends not afraid to make a fool of themselves who not only know the songs, but also all the dance moves
(i'd like to think I am Sandy, but really i think i am more of a Frenchy)

2. MUSIC - it is the cure for ALL THINGS
I can and will, sing at the top of my lungs to any song I absolutely love
like this one and this one

3. Saint texting me to say he has crawled into his new sleeping bag! (yesterday's post)
I love it!What a kid at heart.
He says it is way big (we had to buy a big & tall).
I asked him if he would be sleeping in it.

4. Knowing Saint doesn't like veggies, but knowing I can make whatever I want, whenever I want because I can always add a side of corn for his veggies. (lol) It's the cheater way to have food for all involved.

5. Coffee in the morning

camping . . . at Cabela's

Saint and I have been saying all summer long that we are going to plan a camping trip. We finally got our act together, pulled out the old calendar and picked a couple of days where we can take some time off of work and head out into the great yonder. Actually, I did sign up for a women's weekend away too. I will be learning how to fish, camp and other such cool nonsense with a big bunch of women. Like sleep away camp for adults!


I have such incredibly fond memories of fishing and camping as a child. (which i know is bound to be my undooing bc anything I loved as a child, is not the same as an adult)

We trekked out to Cabela's today and played around. Or, I played around, I should say. Saint kind of rolled his eyes when I pulled out my camera. I was like a kid in a candy shop. I sat on all the difeerent cots, crawled into and walked through the tents and would have (had I not known I would be arrested) crawled up the hunting tree display. I had so much fun and I took a butt load of pictures. I even got Saint to take one of me!

"the shitter"

"the hunting hide-away"

"the shower"

"home base"

I love this one person tent. Really, really cool. I climbed right in.

I thought it was quite comical that they put these really simple signs in front of each of the animals - beaver, raccoon, polar bear. I mean really. These guys are the epitome of information. WHY wouldn't they have signs depicting where the animal was from or a bit of history?


polar bear
(do they have to make them look so mean?)



In the end, we realized that between my stuff, his stuff, his roommate and my parent's, we have all that we need minus sleeping bags. We each got one! I am pretty excited (as most women are) that mine is camo colored!! And I love orange. It is fleece inside too, which I love sleeping warm.

Wordless Wednesday - the car

Out and about, saw this car and couldn't resist taking a picture. It's fun. And the license plate says, PFTPTCH.

Wordless Wednesday

Martha Monday - inspiration journal

Are you creative?
Do you love to invent recipes, scrapbook,
photography, gardening, etc?

Do you love to just TRY and be inspired?
You don't have to BE Martha
all you need is the feeling to cultivate and share
every Monday right here
Martha Monday

I have been paroosing through the donna downey inspiration wednesday history posts, practicing with the techniques and materials that I learned in her classes.

A couple of weeks ago, I broke down and purchased an inspirational journal.

I was craving painting and using something messy.
Acrylic paint?
Yes please.
Crackle paste?
Oh yeah!

Donna is correct. In North Carolina, crackle paste takes 24-48 hours to dry. Here? Takes less than 2 hours, but I gave it 4 hours for all the good crackling.

Post, crackle paint, I did not like the green.
So I painted over it.
With pink.
And then added a thin ribbon attached to a thick jean ribbon.

And then stamped a quote (one of her stamps)
with orange stazon and green distressing pad onto a tag.

I like it better and it was fun.

Page 1; inspiration journal.

What has inspired you this week?

Grace in small things - edition seven

1. a starbucks gift card - yes, i am an addict. i love what they say in the movie, You've got mail -
The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. Short, tall, light, dark, caf, decaf, low-fat, non-fat, etc. So people who don't know what the hell they're doing or who on earth they are can, for only $2.95, get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self: Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino
sometimes I wish my order was a bit cooler, but it is simple and always the same, even in one hundred and hell degrees:
decaf, grande, mocha with whip
2. this particular post - Grace in small things - taking a moment each week to search through my life and pick out the things that make me happy. Things that have touched my heart of made my life just a schosh better this past 7 days. On those tough days, I can spend time thinking about this post. (or maybe the day after all the stress and anger is gone)

3. Knowing other forms of de-stressing. I recently picked up a pair of these. I miss swimming and I will do anything better and longer with music. Gotta love electronics and inventions. There are days all I can think about is getting in the pool to swim off laps of stress and anxiety. When a shower, a nice glass of wine or other such modes will simply not do.

4. Water bottles. One of the things I have become a bit obsessed about. I drink at least four to five times the amount of water when I carry one. A couple of months ago, someone so effortlessly threw out my smartwater bottle that I kept at work. (the nerve, i know) I have been on the endless quest for one that doesn't appear to need to be pitched when cleaning. I found it!! Waiting was so worth it. It has the most incredible drink top. A flip top. No need to twist, slide or other stupid water bottle top thingys. And I LOVE the designs. It is BPA free - whatever that really means. This is my exact design here!

5. alas, love has made the top 5 again. Saint - this week, it is knowing that I am officially in a stable, healthy relationship and what it feels like to have it be normal and quiet. It can be eerie at times, but mostly, once I get over the non-drama of it all. I love it. And I can picture my life in 10 years. Also peaceful. Tuesday, my oldest cat, has currently found her voice again. Usually a mute cat with not much to say, ever. Even when I am calling her frantically because I can't find her. I should have called her squeaker because that is how her voice comes out. Like she can't contain it anymore and it PEEPS! out in a quick, loud MEOW. Even that is too long. It's more of a MW! But oh so incredibly cute. And Izabel with her lion cut reminds me of the days when she was 5 weeks old and so adorable I with her baby fur. She is a maine coon, so she has three sets of fur; one wiry and hard, followed by full and thick, and lastly soft and down-like. Her lion cut has been growing in and it looks and feels just like that kitten I remember from so long ago. Love it!