When will this end

I have been packing all day and I swear this shit is multiplying like bunnies, faster than I can toss it in boxes. Every time I look up I wanna cringe. The piles of boxes are getting bigger, but the stuff just keeps on being there.

I am so thankful I didn't work today. I was able to accomplish alot, but not all of it!!

I boxed up my craft room which is the majority of the boxes. Between the books, magazines, scrapbooking, knitting, drawing, oil painting, photography and a bunch of other projects I long to pick up and rarely have time to enjoy anymore. It is simply chaos.

I got the kitchen done outside of a few pieces here and there.

I have the bedroom and dining room done.

The only real thing to finish is the pillows and other miscellaneous things strew about that I don't want to be packing when the movers are here.

My body is so tired I could cry at any moment. Saint and I are continually bickering and getting into little tiffs here and there, which is so unlike us. But neither one of us has ever had time for bs so we get our frustrations out, bitch a bit and then get over it.

I finished Christmas shopping for all but one person and my aunt's families. This is very exciting. I actually did not realize how far along I was with all this til I had to group the gifts today to make sure they don't get packed. I would still like a really incredible gift for Saint, but not sure what yet. I have a very good idea I know what he is getting me - lol - a lens for my canon rebel. He is apparently setting the bar very high this year. Damn him.

I heard my first set of Christmas songs the other day at lunch. I wanted to kill someone. I cannot believe once again, I will have to endure this crappy music for over a month. Doesn't anyone realize the damn holiday is not for a long while? Ugh. Now I listen to it at work all day, lunch and when I come home bc Saint, my mom and my niece are huge fans. I am just not a fan of Christmas music for more than a few days. Too many years in retail I think. A bit of a skeptic and a scrooge.

I keep getting these random texts from friends and family who are letting me know what the temperature is in my new city. Yes, I do realize it snows there. Yes, I do know it is about twenty to forty degrees cooler. Cracks me up. I am hoping to get there before the first real snow, but we'll see. I am very excited, but also can expect some cussing come the day I have to shovel my car out of eight feet of snow.