About me

I am a thirty-something woman. I've been blogging since 2005.

I am a believer. I believe in the good of people. I believe if you work hard you'll always have a job tomorrow. I believe that people can change. I believe that we can change the world. Even if it's just one person at a time.

I have been working in retail for more than a decade. After all that I have experienced, I keep thinking one day I won't be surprised or disappointed. But alas, I am surprised and disappointed on a daily basis. People can be so self-absorbed and yet, there are those amazing people who keep me believing.

I was just recently lucky enough to get a fabulous job at a bookstore (yes!! heaven) which allows me to talk about books all day long. I also just recently moved to a little tiny podunk town where I know no one, but am learning how to be known everywhere I go - in this town. In the near future, I am planning on going back to school to get my communications/journalism degree so that I may one day happily transgress into the world of publishing/editing. I regularly review books on this website of my own accord though should you feel the need to send me your book to review, so be it. I will accept that. I recently invested in a Nook Color so I can read books in PDF and EPub as well. Check out my review policy here and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

I have two cats, Izabel (left pic) and Tuesday (right pic), who have been there for me day in and day out. People who don't like cats for whatever reason?? My Izabel meets me at the door every day. My Tues, sleeps with me every night. They are both wonderful in their own way. Very different. So much personality. Tuesday loves living in our rural place. She is naturally a predator. Izabel is scared most of the time. I imagine she can hear the mountain lions and other such scary noises, I cannot hear. I find it hilarious that Tuesday has staked out the second floor and Izabel has decided on the main floor of the house. They each now act like it's a maze of laser beams as they run full speed through the others territory.

I love movies and I love music. I think movies are how I learned to live life. Probably the most ass-backwards way, but hey, that's me. That's life. Music is the method to reach people's deepest, inner soul.

I am a writer. This is why I have a blog. I don't care if you like my writing or what I write about. That is the cool thing about a blog. I believe in freedom of speech. I think every one deserves to be heard. But anonymity comes with a price. So be bold. But be kind.

I love so many different creative avenues. I am a cooker, but definitely not a chef. I love food. I love recipes, but tend to not follow them very well. Hence, not a chef. I love scrapbooking. I love reading. I love photography. I also love animals and in my dreams (very far away) I would love to own or run a farm (though I am sure this will never happen).

I am a student of life.

I have TMJ, which is where the jaw doesn't move like it should so it can get stuck. It encompasses stress, pain and health. I think I finally have it under control. I have a wonderful pain management doctor and physical therapist who help me when I flair up. The keys to TMJ are a good mouth splint, good doctors and being so aware of your body that you know something before it does. I also pray for the day when my state recognizes TMJ as a real disease and it becomes covered by insurance. I am currently using Anusara YOGA and meditative breathing to help maintain my in-good status.

Sigh, I feel the need to add this little part here about Saint since he seems to appear more often than I realized he would. Saint is my boyfriend of almost two years, give or take a little time. We met at work (GASP!), decided we enjoyed each others company and it blossomed from there. (did I really just say blossom?) He does not have the nickname Saint bc he is one - tho he is pretty awesome - but rather bc he is a HUGE fan of the New Orleans Saints football team. Literally his day sometimes depends on whether or not they do well. He is the most sarcastic, funny guy I may have ever met. He may also be the only man who could live up to the bar my father has set on raising and supporting his family. Saint is a man I can count on. A man that makes the words responsible and dependable sexy and attractive.  I have no idea where this is going, but I love this man and hope that my future days can be as wonderful as they are right now, with him.

This is my world. And since there are three truths - yours, mine and the real truth; this is mine.

contact me at heavenisabookstore@gmail.com