Detox, Day 1, Initial Thoughts

Recently tested to have Hypothyroidism, then through more information found out I may have a gluten sensitivity. By the time the time came around to have tests done, I realized that I had cut out pretty much all of my gluten and therefore the tests would be invalid. I chose not to restart on gluten foods only to test myself. Instead, with my doctors approval I moved to a detox cleanse instead and just decided that the next time (if there ever is one) I feel horrible, we can test then. In the meantime, I am happy to move straight to gluten free eating.

It has been almost a month since I started eating clean and then moving to gluten free as well. I have lost two pounds (though I think it may be a little more, but I do not have a scale in my house). My pants feel so much smoother. My body feels lighter, especially my belly and lower belly. I do not have that rock of sickness feeling in my lower abdomen anymore. I am regular (stop there). I am sleeping at night and mostly peacefully. Still have an occasional feeling of not good sleep. I am exercising cardio at least 3 times a week and yoga 4 times a week. I wake up feeling good and ready to start my day. My allergies are better, except for this last couple days with the change in weather. It has been a bit rough with headaches and such, but I am used to the weather changes killing my allergies.

I have been a bit scared of starting this detox because I don't want to cheat and I definitely do not want to turn into a nightmare. I know the two catalysts for me are not eating and being tired. With those two I get really grumpy and unreasonable.

I was a competitive athlete too, so I have been drilled in to always eat and take care of the body. Body needs fuel and food is that fuel. Do not deprive yourself. Which is why I spent weeks thinking about detox and then talking to my doctor about it. 

I am doing the Tosca Reno Detox because it is one I feel I can do. It feels reasonable and healthy. It is only two days of liquids and then clean eating vegetables and 1 cup of GF brown rice for the next 3 to 7 days.

I bought a bunch of Coconut Waters to get me through the first two days. I will be putting 8oz of coconut water then fill with water for every liquid bottle I drink. I then bought GF rice for days 3-7. I have cleaned out my fridge to include only vegetables. All other food, like chicken are in the freezer for safe keeping. I also have Naked Juice to drink 8oz before bed with my meds and also to help my tummy through the night. I haven't decided if I will mix it with protein powder. I suppose I will decide how I feel. I will allow myself one hot herbal decaf tea at work if and when I strongly feel weak and want to cheat.

I woke up this morning with a bit of trepidation. I went downstairs and fed the kitties (wondering if in the two days of no eating food if I will want to eat the cat food) and then filled up my first liquid bottle. I have a feeling I will never want to drink coconut water ever again after this.

I really want to do well and I hope I can keep my spirits up as well.

Have you done the Tosca Reno Detox? Results? Thoughts?