Grace in Small Things: my edition #1

I am a fan of schmutzie. I think her writing is creative and honest; her photos are inventive and beautiful. So I thought I'd give her suggestion for trying grace in small things a try.

Here's the official link for Grace in Small Things

And the original blog post about her starting Grace in Small Things

1. I am still alive and not wanting to pull the covers over my head in desperate attempt to sleep til my allergies (or whatever is trying to kill me) goes away.

2. My kitties are not only happy, but rolling around (literally) on the ground purring and acting like odd little things.

3. Pecan pie made by Saint, who like an ass, left it at my place for me to continuously eat til it is gone.

4. I like bananas, in fact I would probably eat bananas sliced in my cheerios most mornings except bananas go bad. BUT this has to be the absolutely most offensive looking thing ever. And I keep seeing it - the chocolate festival, the chocolate store (oh, wait, I'm seeing a pattern) yet I find it amusing too. Go figure.

5. The fact that I am in a relationship with Saint that is so easy and so comfortable that we can spend a morning watching tv and cuddling together (ok so I slept and he watched a movie) or an quiet evening putting together a puzzle, talking and laughing together or the fact that my father not only likes him, but respects him. How odd it is to be in a healthy, happy relationship. And how odd that I find that odd.

Finally finished puzzle

Came home the other night and Saint informed me that I would have to finish the puzzle.

Me: WHAT?? I can't finish by myself.

Saint: (chuckle chuckle)

Me: Wait a minute!! How much of it did you do?

Saint: (chuckle) I left about eight pieces for you. You should be able to do it. Finish it tomorrow.

Me: No way!! Really? You did it without that one puzzle piece we are missing?

Saint: I found the piece right on the tile by the front door. I actually didn't realize how much I had finished til I looked up.

Me: WHAT? You're kidding me?! That is so cool.
I was instantly relieved because now I can feel that accomplishment of finishing the puzzle we have been working on for a week.

The very next morning we got up and finished it in a few minutes.

I am so very in love with this man.

Wordless Wednesday - Ted's hot dogs


Wordless Wednesday

Post It Note Tuesday - returns

Welcome to Post It Note Tuesday

courteous of a (crazy) woman who works in retail

and may very well lose her (me) mind . . .

new favorite song

Breakeven by The Script

The words in this song have just pulled me in and I love the music. Good stuff.