How DO they do that?

We went to a festival and they had a petting zoo. (of course)

I am not a fan of petting zoos.

But I go because of my niece who loves them.

While hanging out, waiting for Bug to finish petting ALL the animals I spied this.

This is just fascinating to me. Not only because I thought goats were kinda stupid, but they don't even get their horns caught on the fence. It's like perfection.

I am in complete awe.

I even have a picture of it.

And this one too -

I could watch this over and over again. And each time, my jaw hangs open in complete shock that they can do this.

Do you SEE how tiny those fence holes are?? I mean really, I couldn't do that. How do they do it?

And just in case you're wondering, that uncooth person in the background of that video yelling, "Stick your head back in, man!" Is sooooo not me.

it's not a tumor

It is day four of my swollen throat gland. It still hurts. Actually it feels like I am swallowing glass each time. Not to mention my ear still hurts too.

This is so me. To be the one with the unknown diagnosis. Where they say, "oh sweetie you'll be fine in a couple of days. Just go home, take some aspirin and drink lots of liquids."

Meanwhile I'm still feeling like crap with nothing to do about it.

So I consulted Wedmd to find out what it is -

Tonsillitis - nope don't have these anymore
Viral Pharyngitis
Mono - already had years ago
Lyme Disease
Scarlet Fever
Swollen Glands - OMG really???
Indoor Allergens - uhm, yes
Cat Scratch - I do have cats, but no scratch; for once

Out of all of those, I hate to say it, but I think I may have swollen glands.

And now I am going to go lay down because I can't believe my horrific diagnosis. It's too much too bear.

Bookclub - Girl who Played with Fire

This past month our bookclub has been reading The Girl who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson.

I have to say, when I started reading the first book - The girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I only made it through the first couple of chapters and then put the book down. It just didn't interest me. I figured I wouldn't be reading the book. But after my mom read the first one and was half way through the second (which is the one we read) I was intrigued that she liked them so much. I then sighed and decided to plug through the book. I had one week to finish it before our book club met.

After about a third of the way through it, I couldn't put it down.

There is a lot of mathematical equations in this book many of which I felt were unnecessary and just gobs of words, but I also ascertained that it was telling how the main character, Salander was able to focus and control life.

It was very intriguing how they told the story from a couple of different view points - not just Salander, but the journalist, Blomkvist, the friend Wu and other police officers. It made it a bit confusing at times, but I think helped it portray all the deep feelings within this book.

The conversation of this book led to others about the affects of gender on culture; the impact we allow people in power positions to have; the portrayal of lives in the media and how far is too far; allowing someone to be proven guilty before a trial has started. The list of possibilities this book opened up was lengthy.

I really enjoyed reading this book and discussing it.

I give the book 4 stars because it took a bit to get me interested in it.

a rock in my throat

I woke up with a rock in my throat (figuratively). Went to work even though my right gland was crazy swollen and my ear and throat was hurting. I knew I was sick, but it was only in that right side of my head that really hurt.

After being at work for about two hours, another manager came in and said, you should really go home. I don't want to get sick too.

Ahh and there is the kicker. I would have worked. I didn't care too much about it hurting. Even though it did hurt. But I didn't want to get anyone sick.

So because of my swollen gland I went to the doctor.

They stuck a long q-tip down my throat and swabbed. Eww, except that it felt like they were scratching it. Which, like chicken pox, felt good. Other than the slight gagging reflex.

The doctor talked to me about Mono - which I had in high school and supposedly only get once in a lifetime. They stalked about strep. She even used the words puss pocket and cook the swab. Eww.

In the end, I simply have a virus. Nothing more, nothing less. Go home, she said. Drink lots of fluids. Warm liquids will feel the best. Take aleve to help with the pain. It will take about five days to get better.

Which doesn't surprise me. I am usually the one that has no diagnosis, just s simple you'll get better sentiment. (smirk)

So here I sit, with a rock in my throat. Every time I swallow it feels like the pointy thing will puncture my skin (or something). Ugh, it just hurts.


The other day I was sitting on the couch at Raindrop's house cracking away on his roomie's laptop (which I plan to buy from him bc it is OH SO COOL) while Raindrop (my BF) and Montana (roomie) sit on the floor watching the end of The Family Man movie. I do not know why these guys like to sit on the floor, but given that I get the couch; I'm fine with it.

I love this movie. Seriously. It is so sweet and so wonderful.

But I truly believe that all of us should have the kind of love that requires a brisk run through the airport only to proclamate love for all to hear.

As the credits start to run, Montana proclaims, "WHAT HAPPENS NOW? I wanna know! That sucks how are you supposed to know if they stay together or not?"

I laugh because this guy has just gone through a breakup with his ex-girlfriend, again. This has to be the ultimate in heartbreaks - the rebreak up. Not only did you fall in love the first time, but chose to do it again knowing all the crap from before. Then again, minus the breakup he's a bit of a romantic.

My response, "It's a romance movie., Of course they stay together. And they have those babies and live in the suburbs and are happy forever and ever. I mean IT'S A LOVE STORY FOR PETE'S SAKE!! It's meant to be sappy and happy, so OF COURSE they live happily ever after."

But of course, he's stubborn and continue to complain that they don't tell what happens.



Whadya do?

a little blogger confusion

I am a former Wordpress blog, turned owning my own domain, turned blogger blogger and I have to say, blogger is a bit more confusing to navigate than either of the first two.

To start, while signing up for my blog my computer had a small interruption and now when I log into my blog it lists TWO blogs, but they are the exact same name and address, but they are listed as two seperate blogs. I refuse to delete the one I know is not the working blog because I am sure it will delete both blogs and therefore render my blog obsolete.

I also have been having some issues on the templates and layouts aspect, but after further review of the help site and finally, questioning my boyfriend, Raindrop, it is under control.

Two things have come to light since beginning this blogger blog -
a) blogger could use some serious layman terms and usage
b) blogger could use an email or phone help line

Not to completely bite the hand that feeds, I do in fact like blogger. After many days of working it, I am figuring out all the wonderful things it does have to offer. It may come about in a roundabout way, but it can be easier.

To be completely honest, I deleted my blog to move on from my past. I have blogged for over five years and I loved it, but it was time to clean out the muck. And blogger offers to work with Blogherads, while wordpress doesn't. It's that simple. Minus all the cussing that has gone on since getting started on blogger.

Currently I am writing this post and at the same time looking for the buttons that indent and such??? Also upon adding the hyperlinks, it posts them directly within the post creating an odd looking html mid words post.

I can see this will be an interesting path of learning and throwing small fits.