Grace in small things - edition five

This post is dedicated to love. That rapturous love that I never thought I'd ever have again. Cool things is, it's way better because I constantly feel my heart bowling over with emotional goodness (which never happened before).

A list of things I NEVER EVER thought I would think were sexy in a man . . . ever but are so frickin' attractive in Saint I can't stand it. I just wanna lick him, they are that sexy.

1. He's responsible. He never calls in to work, in fact, he actually goes above and beyond his job description. He has two jobs and though it doesn't leave as much time for us/me as I would like, it is okay with me.

2. He listens to me. He doesn't say much, unless he gets in that mood, but he lets me talk about whatever. He never tells me I should have done it this way; I did it badly or whatnot. He simply listens and gives validating feedback. (not to say the man doesn't utter the words "you're wrong" on a daily basis)

3. He enjoys hanging out with my family. And my family likes being with him.

4. He not only OFFERS to help with dishes and cooking, but he actually does it.

5. He wants to be with me. He chooses me over most things - work does occasionally come first, oh and sleep, but hey, I'm okay with this.

Martha Monday - creating nothing

Are you creative?
Do you love to invent recipes, scrapbook,
photography, gardening, etc?

Do you love to just TRY and be inspired?
You don't have to BE Martha
all you need is the feeling to cultivate and share
every Monday right here
Martha Monday

This week I worked nine days straight. Not a big deal, but tiring nonetheless and not so much energy for creating in my free time. Though I did however gain my first weekend off in quite some time. What normal people do every weekend, I do it seems a couple times a year. Though I tried to be inspired, it wasn't for lack of trying or ideas I was just too busy not doing anything to create.

I did, however, attempt to cultivate.

For dinner one night I made my favorite, Chicken in spaghetti sauce. This time I used the drumsticks that were currently in my freezer, though any cut of meat will do.

6 drumsticks
Can of spaghetti sauce
favorite pasta

vegetables (optional)
bread (optional)
wine (optional)

Put chicken in crock pot, pour sauce over it. Turn on high for one hour, leave on low for the next six hours.

For serving, make pasta according to directions. I usually go for fettuccine as it is my favorite consistency when it comes to pasta. Spoon crock pot mixture over pasta, side of vegetables (i like broccoli) and a side of bread. Of course, a little wine is good too. It is thick and the meat just falls off the bone.

The other thing I did was finally break down and visit Walmart to purchase the canvas baskets I have been craving for months now to organize my craft room.

I bought six of them. I got home and was playing around with organization, when in walked Saint, who immediately started shaking his head.

He has a much better idea to organize the room, so no canvas baskets. Says he will help me plan and fix it. I am very excited to get organized. He has such great ideas and is serious about helping. He is a finisher. Yeah!!

Also acquired at Walmart, a couple of wonderful Tupperware container specifically made for Sugar and Flour. They have these fabulous flip tops or pour spouts for easier cooking. Very excited because for the past three years my sugar and flour have sadly been housed in plastic zip lock baggies that spill constantly.

Here they are drying. I was waiting very impatiently for them to dry because I loathe the paste that is made when it's not fully dry.

How about you? What did you create this week?