Saint took care of my kitties while I was away for the weekend.

He fed them, cleaned out the litter boxes and just basically made sure they stayed alive. Very simple task.

Apparently Izabel decided to make him work for it.

I am sitting on the couch, just got home a couple of hours ago. Izabel is sitting next to me relishing in the fact that I am back. She is very needy.

Saint walks in and greets me only to look down and spot Izabel. He says, "hey shithead." It was smothered in disgust.

She shit on the floor everyday I was gone.

(smothering my laughter here)

He had to clean it up. Every day.

my next cat will . . .

My Tuesday, cat is the nicest, sweetest, loving cat I have ever met. When I adopted her, she had spent the last six months living in the vet's office. She was around people 24/7. She loves drinking out of glasses and leave a ham sandwich for a second and it's hers.

She is the best minded cat ever. I could probably staple gun the litter box to the ceiling and she would still manage to use it. No matter who comes over, she is nice to them. She runs up, greets them immediately then proceeds to win them over.

When I took her to her last vet visit, I was informed that she has dirty feet and my job was to clean them using these pads. I don't just wipe her feet off. I have to sit her on my lap, hold her down with my arm and then proceed to spread her toes and clean between each and around each claw.

For a really sweet natured cat this should be a breeze. Right?

Uhm, no!

I pick her up and she molds into me, purring and loving the attention. The moment I set her on my lap and try to spread her toes, she turns into a giant mountain lion squirming, roaring and acting like a two year old child who wants a cookie. She's a nightmare!!

My next cat will be constantly touched on her toes, tail, ears, opening her mouth and checking her teeth and anything else I can think of the vets do, and I may have to do in the future. I will give her treats and pop them in her mouth so when it comes time to administer medicine, I will be allowed to do this.

Post It Note Tuesday - I make this look good

That One Mom

Martha please don't leave me

My mother has informed me recently that Martha Stewart is moving to the hallmark channel.


I have finally found a mission in my mornings. My entire morning centered around the morning Martha Stewart show. If I woke up late, I would run in the living room, turn on the tv and sit mesmerized by her show. Actually, if I remembered I would make sure that BEFORE I went to bed, my tv would actually get reception on the channel so I was ready. If the stupid antennae messed up I would stand there, for 60 minutes, holding it up so I could watch the entire thing. Coffee would wait, cereal would wait. It was all about Martha.

And now, my five channels are not good enough for her?!?!?!?