the slumber

I was sleeping this morning. Really sleeping. You know, when I could wake up. I know what is going on around me, but I can't seem to wake my brain. Instead, I go back to into my wonderful slumber.

I can feel Saint moving beside me.

I think, I hope he can get up and entertain himself. I do not want to wake yet.

I fall back into sleep.

Awhile later, I feel his hand on my leg and then he holds my hand.

How sweet, I think. But fall back to sleep.

Next I know, I hear him sigh. Deeply.

Shit, I know what that means. I force myself to wake up.

I stretch. I foll around. I rub my eyes. I drink some of my water. I get up and use the restroom. I brush my teeth.

I come out and -

Saint is passed out in bed.

For a half a second, I want to kill him. Ass.

I wake up and he falls asleep.

Then I realize my fortune. Free time. Alone time.

But he's still an ass.

books, books and more books

I found "The Postmistress" by Sarah Blake at the used bookstore yesterday. Zoiks!! What a find! It's hardback which is a bit of a bummer, but it was on my running list of books I'd like to read so it's still a good find.

The thing is, I have to finish reading Waiter Rant by Steve Dublanica. As a person who works with people on a daily basis - all kinds of people, but mostly people completely self absorbed in their own worlds, this book has been incredibly funny. I have laughed through most of it and cringed in some of it. The couple of chapters about how waiters can defend themselves and get back at their customers is hilarious and a bit shocking. He has incredible quotes, insights into the mind that I find refreshing and as a fellow customer service person, he's a god! I couldn't give this book anything less than five stars!!

Here's his blog in case you wanted to read something about yourself, after you've been an ass to your waiter. Otherwise, don't forget to tip your waiter!

What are you reading?

Wordless Wednesday - retail cartoon

This cartoon hangs in my work, above our desks.
I look at it quite often.

But mostly, I look at it when I am having a bad day.

We had a guest in the other day that destroyed the dressing rooms. Literally, left the room a mess. Clothes strewn all over. Hangers askew.
Makes me wonder sometimes.
Do they do this at home?
Would they do this at their mother's house? mom don't answer - :)
And more questioning, when clothes are dirty, have a stain,do they think that it could be because they leave clothes
on the floor, step on them, kick them
and then leave?

After reading this cartoon, though, on those tough days, I realize it doesn't matter.
None of it.
They are clothes.
They are people.
Without either of them, I wouldn't have the job I love.

That, in and of itself, makes me speechless.

Wordless Wednesday

The bachelor, Jake and Vienna break-up

Wow, watching the bachelor interview with Jake and Vienna was literally the hardest thing I've had to deal with in the past couple of years.

I know exactly how both of them feel. It sounded so much like the marriage I was in.

It broke my heart.

I have never been a fan of Vienna. I don't know her, but being that she is on tv and in the news, I am allowed to have a opinion. I think she is young, naive and very needy.

That is the problem with this relationship. From the start, my mom and I knew they couldn't be right for each other simply because (we feel) Vienna needs someone who is constantly doting on her. Meanwhile, you have Jake, the pilot who makes his living being away from home. It just wasn't going to be a good mix.

Vienna gets to feeling bad, lonely, etc and her mind starts to wander into dangerous territory. Jake is tired after work, flying, and he just wants to kick back, but he's got to console Vienna. She gets upset because he doesn't want to console her and picks at him til he can't contain himself. A circular relationship.

The constant picking, nagging, bickering, anger, pointing fingers - OMG - listening to it - not so much the direct problems, but the way they communicate (or don't rather) - is exactly what my three years of marriage was like.

I wanted to cry for them, except I was too busy trying not to turn it off so I wouldn't have to listen, yet I wanted to see it. (like a train wreck)

I felt bad because you could see they truly did at one time care about each other.

But no one will really ever know why or what happened except the two of them.

I really feel bad for Chris though. I mean, to have to sit through that and mediate? Uhg!!

Grace in small things - edition seven

Dedicated to every day life. Nothing special. But nothing less than incredible.

1. Being free of the chains of smoking, nicotine and the need to light up. I do not miss the smell or the taste. But mostly, I am so thankful that it doesn't have it's hold on me. I don't have to smoke. I don't need to smoke.

2. Craigslist and my new find - Big Love. I used to watch this show when I had HBO.
It was my one free time away from real life. I got to feed my nosy addiction of
wanting to know what other people's lives are like. Even if it is a tv show.
I am deeply fascinated by others religions and cultures. I am on season 2
and working my way around to season 3.

3. Wine. A nice glass of wine after work, especially when I am sitting near the bbq
waiting for what will inevitably be a juicy steak, potatoes and corn on the cob.

4. Being in such a wonderful relationship that I totally forgot to go out and
watch fireworks, we were so enjoying our evening.

5. Feeling such goodness inside that I enjoy work. Even though I am working on a holiday weekend, I am still in such a good mood which transcribed to really good mood customers. Imagine that.

Martha Monday - summer cupcakes

Are you creative?
Do you love to invent recipes, scrapbook,
photography, gardening, etc?

Do you love to just TRY and be inspired?
You don't have to BE Martha
all you need is the feeling to cultivate and share
every Monday right here
Martha Monday

This week I had a craving for cupcakes.

Usually anything baked ends up being lemon flavored. That is just what I like, but since I did that with the summer cake, I thought I'd try a new flavor.

Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting

(cream cheese frosting is Saint's favorite)

With mom's advice, I used the ice cream scooper to scoop the cake batter into the cupcake papers. Apparently this is good for keeping them all the same size. If, that is, you are not me. I don't have luck like this.

Then using a small spatula, use that to scrape the excess batter off the ice cream scooper.

If you ask me, you use your finger to clean the sides of the cupcake pan.

Oh, yummy. These smelled SO GOOD!
After I popped them out of the pan, cover them in oh so wonderful frosting.
See how cute my donna downey shirt is? She signed it at the classes I took!

I top it pretty high. Wasn't sure I would use all the frosting.

But yes, I did. Damn.

What has inspired you this week?

on the fourth

When you get home, make sure to walk by the bbq's and let me know if there are a lot of people out there. We can just go to mine.

Uhm, or we could grab a beer or two and sit outside to wait for a free bbq.

We could do that to.

Though you may have to talk to people.

No, not really.

The cons of living in apartment complexes.
  • sharing bbqs and having to talk to people
Happy 4th of July