Review Policy

I am thirty-something woman who has been blogging since 2005. I have had books, reading and writing in my blood since before I was born. My parents used to get frustrated with me because the minute we would walk into a bookstore, I would find the quietest, most secluded place to plop myself down and read. And when I read, I can tune out anything. I would “wake” up from my reading coma and realize it was past midnight and everyone else had gone to bed; the only light on, the one next to me.

I read just about everything when it comes to books. The last books I have read were the true story of a rock band (sex, drugs, rock n roll); a christian fiction book about an amish family, and a teen paranormal romance about a girl with special powers. I love just about any book that makes me think, feel or escape into another world. I especially love books about women (and girls) who are growing up, learning about themselves and the world around them.

Life is about learning. Books are the way to one’s soul. It helps to walk in other’s shoes. As in the movie, Dead Poets Society, stand on the table and get a different view of life, so reading the same book, within the same genre is not for me. I like variety. I do stay away from Horror as I am not a fan.

My reviews are as unique as the books I read. They are my own thoughts and my own feelings, though I do want the reader to know that my reviews are simply my own opinions and I will, when found, link to other reviews of the same book as well because I like to give a full perspective. To each their own. I am not a fan of spoilers. Anyone who tries to tell me more about a book than I want to know will get the “AHHH NO!” reaction. Even if I may not want to read the book at that point in time, I still don’t want to know the ending and will not ruin it for others. I will admit, I love quite a few books I read, but I am also going to be honest if I didn’t like a book or what I would do differently. I do however, tend to write reviews more often on the books I enjoy and, therefore, want to share. I don’t rate my books using stars because sometimes a book is good, but maybe not enough to give it a real number. Other times, a book is bad, but I still enjoyed it. Sometimes a book is good at first, but then I read another similar book and it loses its shine.

I review as many books as I can read. Some reviews are held back for release dates or per the publisher's/author's request. Please be specific in any wishes you may have about the book you’d like me to review. Though I cannot promise a review by date, I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

I read all media types as well. I love hard copies, paperbacks and now, with my Nook Color, I can read PDFs and EPub files as well. However if you do send me a personal copy without an author signed edition, I will probably either host a giveaway, once read, or pass it along to another person I feel will enjoy the book.

The books I review are either personally purchased, borrowed from the digital library, received from GoodReads or provided by NetGalley from publishers/authors.

I am currently affiliated with Blogher, Google and GoodReads.

If you have any questions you may reach me at heavenisabookstore(at)gmail(dot)com

Happy Reading!