Better cat food, Whiskas

I used to serve my kitties Science Diet cat food because I felt it was the healthiest choice for my kitties. I want them to live long lives. Long healthy lives. Their food is one of the most important ways for me to show I care. They split a 6oz can of soft food in the morning and then they each get one (1/3cu) scoop of hard food. I personally am a fan of the smaller kibble size.

But one day I was shopping at Petsmart and it dawned on me that the .59 cents I used to pay for a can of food was now .87 cents. Then on another occasion it was now .95 cents. And at .98 cents I told myself I wasn't going to pay those prices. It was too expensive. Not to mention, I was throwing out at least half the can each day when they didn't eat it. I mean $1 per day not including the hard food I feed them.

I found a coupon in the newspaper for buy on get one half off for Whiskas soft food. They call them meal time trays. They sale for .59 cents and not only does Petsmart sell them, but so does Target. And if you've read my blog before you know I am a HUGE fan of Target.

One of the reasons I chose Whiskas is because it has been served in the vet offices that I have visited. So I know it can't be too bad for my cats.

But, at the same time MY CATS LOVE IT so I am starting to wonder if it's like fast food for cats. It can't possibly be that healthy if they eat it and (just about every day) lick their bowls clean. They wake me up in the morning, crying for me to feed them. They seem a bit more lively and a bit more rambunctious too.

On a busy work day, I can even put down their hard food (which is dinner) next to the soft, canned food and they will still finish the canned food too. I find them leaving the hard food left in their bowls. Whereas before they would leave the Science Diet canned food and then cry for more hard food.

Health wise, my cats need to eat their soft canned food. It provides nourishment in the form of juices and liquid. It helps my cats process their hair balls. It does add weight to them, but that is why they are not free fed and are on a strict (amount of food) diet. They only get one treat a day - though sometimes not even once a day. Usually when Izabel begs for a treat. Which is where I have heard is where most of the weight in pets comes from. I do not feed them table food, except on occasion of a piece of hamburger or steak.

So I wrote this post because I sometimes struggle with how to take care of my cats. I want the best for them, but sometimes I just cannot afford the best. I do what I can. And Whiskas works for me.

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