sexy bed head, oh yeah, I got it

I have spent hours and days on my hair - twisting it, curling it, teasing it; putting barrettes, head bands, clips, bobby pins in it. I have used a ton of products - Bed Head being my favorite. To no avail.

I give up.

I have decided that my hair will do what it will.

I am tired. I refuse to spend time on my hair anymore. Because regardless, I will walk by a mirror at work (perk of working in clothing retail - fn mirrors everywhere) and stop to think, "HOLY Mofo, what happened to my hair?!" And the I scrounge in my purse for any and all hair clips or product to make it tame.

Nope. Not tamable.

I now have what I refer to as, sexy bed head. That's the only presentable way to describe it. I wash my hair and let it air dry.

Done and done.

I will no longer try to fluff it with a blow dryer and curly brush. I will never use curlers or twist and perk it.

So if you see me on the street and think, "What the hell - look at her hair!" I am sorry, I gave up. My hair has won.

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jayayceeblog said...

I went to the store recently, passed a mirror and thought, "Oh my God, somebody should have told me my hair looked like this!" Then throw in roots that need colored. Yikes!!!