No sleep for the weary

What would you do if you were woken up by your neighbors base music AGAIN a little after midnight?

A) Call the local security patrol only to be told it's their night off

B) Call the after hours courtesy call only to be told that they may or may not call back in about 20 minutes

C) Write a review of the sh*tty service at this apartment

D) Get on the computer and blog after thinking horribly mean thoughts like squirting super glue in my a**hole neighbors locks and keying their car and having my cat pee on their front door rug

E) All of the above


Irene said...

Go for D). It flexes your writing muscle and gives you and some of the people you like something interesting to read ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have an upstairs neighbor who sounds like an elephant walking, screams/yells at her kid all the time, and has a severe loud TV addiction.

At this point, horribly mean thoughts are a given, as other non-mean avenues have been exhausted. Plus now I just yell back. You might try (if you share a wall) putting speakers up to the wall and turning on something obvnoxious like death metal or something. It's worked for me.

blueviolet said...

I can not stand that music. It just goes right into your bones!

E. said...

F) think hurray I'll be out of here soon and not have to listen to this music ever again!

Or is this at the new place?

jayayceeblog said...

I'd throw rocks at 'em. (inside joke) =D