One week from today

I will be packed (crossing my fingers) and ready to load a moving truck to my new city and new house.
The heart stopping panic is back, but only bc I have barely started packing and not bc I don't want to or am not making time, but bc my place is a disaster. Saint moved in and we can barely move there is so much stuff now. Tonight we will tetris our way through even going so far as to place the dinning room table in our cars for the weekend just to make room for the stuff I need to pack.

I am thankful. I am pretty sure I don't have much to box up. I have already done the dining room and most of the kitchen. My office will literally be taking the organized cartons off the shelves and putting them in boxes. As well as my bedroom, I only need to take things off hanging bars and out of folded shelves to place in boxes. Easy. At least I hope.

Time is running out and I am nervous I won't be ready.

Saint and I got lucky yesterday. We found the most beautiful place to live. It's a two bedroom with loft and two and a half bathroom. The loft is so awesome bc it overlooks the living room. This is where my new office/craft room will be. It has an incredible fireplace which I will need to learn how to work and wood paneling throughout the ceiling and stair case. It overlooks a pond with tons of birds and about twenty feet of grass up to the pond. It is simply stunning. The neighborhood is quiet and seems peaceful. It is a little farther from my new work, but I am thinking that is a good thing for a more simple home life.

It is sad that Saint can't come with me til next year.

Such better sweetness.

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jayayceeblog said...

Sounds like a beautiful place to live. Just remember why you're doing this and think about how happy you'll be there. Good for you!