Red bull

We got a new Brinx guy at work. That is what we call him when we aren't saying "the money man is here." This is the guy that comes to pick up the deposit every day. Which means I get to see him most every day. And this new guy is WIRED. He apparently is either a very happy guy or my guess is, he likes the energy drinks. He reminds me of this scene in Yes Man with Jim Carey.

Red Bull Scene

Which is SO COOL for me because it is one of my favorite scenes to reenact and at work, it is so classic. My people seriously wonder about me when I get to deal with the Brinx guy. It takes me at least a half hour to work him and the red bull thing out of my system. Though in the right mood, I can make that last all day.

In a side note, did anyone watch Regis and Kelly when Jerry O'Connell was on? He really does a number on Kelly because she is so animated and SERIOUSLY funny when she hosts with him.

Seriously I can have a 10 minute conversation in about 2 minutes with the Brinx guy and he does most of the talking. Every time I get close to asking a question, he answers me. So either I am very predictable or he just runs with his own commentary.

Saint is a big fan of the energy drinks. I can immediately tell when he has not only started his morning with a few AMP energy drinks, but added a few mountain dews to the equation as well. He is happy and for Saint, who is pretty low key, this is very happy. He also tends to talk really fast which I imagine is what he sees when I talk normal. Last night, he actually texted me that he would stay up for another hour, since we only had a few minutes to talk, so he could talk to me because he just can't sleep when he doesn't get to talk to me. Uhm, I beg your pardon? Does that really mean that I help put him to sleep by talking to him? Funny thing is, I really enjoyed that he stayed up so I could ramble to him about work after I ate dinner.

My mother did say I could put someone in a coma just by talking to them.


jayayceeblog said...

I have never tried one of the energy drinks, although I probably should at least once. My energy drink of choice is good old fashioned coffee! =D

Misguided Mommy said...

have just uploaded the worlds most embarrassing video blog, please come by and vote, who is right? Me or my husband?