kleenex, tissue or toilet paper

I bought my first box of actual real Kleenex today. It's probably been at least a few years since I have bought a box. I usually rely on tissue paper or toilet paper. When I am out and about I use a hankie. Yes, a handkerchief. My father carried them when I was growing up and I never fell out of love with them.

Saint came and visited me a few weeks ago, sick, so we bought or brought not sure, a ton of medicine and all his essentials - one of which is a box of the thickest, lotion filled kleenex. He then proceeded to leave it all here. The box of kleenex rests on his side of the bed (which since I sleep in the middle is moot point).

I have been eyeballing it since he left. Glaring at it really. Who needs to spend money on a box of what already resides in my bathroom. And I do not skimp on the toilet paper. I buy the good stuff. The TWO PLY people. It's quilted too. That's right. I am a total toilet paper snob. I refuse to use anything else in my house. (No Saint we will not be switching to your kind when we officially move in together).

Then one night, late at night, I was laying in my cocoon of duvet cover, down comforter listening to the wind whip around my place trying, and not succeeding in, breathing through my nose. After about twenty minutes of it all, I gave in and grabbed one. They were blessedly within reach without much moving.

I was instantly hooked. They are soft and since they are so thick I do not even fold them in half like they are marked to be. They do not make my nose more red, nor more sore than it already is in the high altitude. I have been having very dry and the occasional nose bleeds. No matter that I use my allergy medicine and try not to rub or excessively blow my nose. TMI?

I realized today that my box is probably about ready to run out. So I bought a box. Damn it.

Next I will be carrying those little perfectly folded pocket kleenex. What is the world coming to?


Pepsi Breath said...

Welcome to the world of boxed facial tissue! Brand name doesn't matter. You use Kleenex. I use Puffs because they're cheaper but I think just as good. Of course, you have to get it with the ones with the lotion. And, yes, I have the pocket Kleenex in my purse. Resistance is futile!

jayayceeblog said...

I have been a paper snob for the longest time - must have the really good 2-ply Charmin TP and thick tissues with aloe vera for the nose. It's a total addiction. =D