Lost in Lost

Work has been insane this past week. We are currently doing inventory - or prepping to do inventory anyway. I've been working odd hours and my body is all out of sorts which is never good for me. I am so in need of structure and routine. Right now, I am exhausted, but can't seem to get to sleep and then so tired in the morning, I can't get up. My allergies are making me sneeze all the time and when I am not sneezing my nose is so plugged I can't breath. I haven't been eating the best food either. Couple more days and then inventory day which will be a 12 hour day not to mention an overnight 12 hours. But this is such an exciting time at work. I am learning so much. I am meeting so many wonderful people. It's great.

We went to another store to assist with their inventory day. I loved it. I have been in inventory for other companies and other stores, using the same inventory company. It is all pretty much the same process, just need to learn how we do it at my new place. Everyone I meet has no qualms with helping me, teaching me how it is all done. They all give great tips too on what things we can do better at our store or what things they have done to improve their own store.

I'm happy. Despite the fact that Saint is so far away. I get to see him about once a month now. It is hard and sad, but as he says, we are making plans for our future. These changes may be scary (him finding an apartment in another city without me; me taking a job without him) we are making choices to be together in the future.

In my down time, I have been watching as many Lost episodes as possible. One of the guys at work recommended I see them. I used to read a plethora of blogs about the show, but never really watched them. From the first couple of episodes I was hooked. Now I am loving them and can't get enough.

I have tried to read the books in my Nook - We Bought A Zoo and Omnivore Dilemma - which We Bought a Zoo lost my attention after about half the book and Omnivore Dilemma is good, but not good enough to keep my constant attention. Then I saw Jodi Picoult's new book on the NY Times Best Sellers, but can't bring myself to buy it because I can borrow the book for free from work (if it's a hard back), but not til after inventory. So I am trying to be patient. I can read for free one hour a day at B&N, but only when I get the chance to head over there. Just a couple more days and then I can finally read the entire book without interruption. It will be almost like a reward of working so hard and so many long, weird hours at work.


caite said...

just my opinion of course, but I would not be in a big rush to read Sing You Home..
stop over and read my review for last week to see what I thought of it.
But then...you may love it. :-)

Lauryn said...

Ahh, I love Lost! I miss that show sooo much now that it's over. Glad you're enjoying it!

Have a great weekend :)

jayayceeblog said...

Boy, work sounds like WORK! I can see where sitting and reading a whole book would feel like a reward. Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors, but I've never seen even one episode of Lost.