Courier Needed for Coffee & Breakfast delivery

The last couple of days off I have had, I crawl out of bed and only crawl because though I love my cats having them breath in my face for hours til I finally get up and feed them, isn't the greatest. I go feed the kitties and while I am in the kitchen I think, "I should brew some coffee and take breakfast up to bed with me so at least I eat now."



Instead, I feed the cats and head directly back to bed. Where I spend the next three or four hours on the computer, reading or such. Hours go by and I wish I had brewed some coffee or as my stomach growls I wish I had carried breakfast up.

Saint, my BF, then gets a text that says, "Please bring me breakfast or coffee. Dealers choice." Who coincidentally is at least a two hour drive away. lol Thankfully he humors me.

I feel so lazy these last couple of days. Especially in the mornings. I just don't want to get up. I simply want to stay in bed and play.

So I have decided to put an add up for a courier who will bring me breakfast in bed. Sadly it doesn't pay anything. I'm getting the feeling I won't get many calls.

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jayayceeblog said...

Solution ... you need a coffee maker and a toaster on your night stand. Then you wouldn't have to get up for much of anything! =D