The Sweatshirt

I found a sweatshirt at a really fun little boutique that I fancy. It has great low rise jeans, really cheap tees and tanks and occasionally I grab their yoga pants. When I saw this sweatshirt I fell deeply in love. It is skinny rather than large, so it doesn't make me look like borrowed my brother's shirt. It is so soft and the stitching is on the outside so it doesn't itch. It is cute and fun. I would love to have more, but frankly even time I think about it, I realize all I need is one. I wear it all the time. It can be worn on a cold day, on a windy day, on a day with a tank, with a tee. You name it and I can wear it. Oh how I have fallen hard for this sweatshirt . . . until one day -

One day, my boyfriend, Saint asked me, "Is that a new sweatshirt?"

I looked down at the sweatshirt, thinking how could he miss this? I love this sweatshirt. I wear it all the time. "No," I said, "I've had this for awhile."

"I know!" he said, "You wear it all the time!"

"Oh." I laughed, but secretly I really didn't care. I am going to wear what I want to wear, when I want to wear it.

And I have. I wear that damn sweatshirt most days I have off of work. He'll get used to seeing me in it. (smirk)

So we are going on vacation later in the summer and he is so excited that where we will be going it will be hot, too hot for the sweatshirt. Little does he know I get cold on planes, so I plan to take it!!

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Misguided Mommy said...

man i need a sweatshirt. i never buy them but always whine around the house that i have none. BUT I NEED SOME