Review - Passion by Lauren Kate

Title: Passion
Author: Lauren Kate
Publisher: Delacorte Books
Publish Date: June 14, 2011
Hardcover, 432 pages

Barnes & Noble

I have been waiting for this last book since I read the first two months ago. I was luckier than some, who read the books a long time ago. I didn't have to wait as long. If you haven't read the first, Fallen or the second, Torment. GO! GO NOW! Yes, that is me telling you to GO READ THESE BOOKS!!

I am tired of vampire books, I have said it a few times before, but these books are so original, so fresh and new with fun ideas and still the feeling of an old friend that I want to curl up with.

Luce is a wonderfully vulnerable girl who ends up at a boarding school, Sword & Cross and from the moment she sees Daniel she feels that she has known him before.

Now, that sounds like a really bad pick up line doesn't it? That's what I thought, but even though it might seem that way, the moment you really start reading these books you realize it's not.

Luce learns about all the different types of people there are out there, including Angels and Demons and how they came to be. She falls in love with Daniel along the way - or maybe it has been a love that lasts eternity.

In Passion, the last book of the series, Luce wants to know why she dies every time she touches Daniel. She also wants answers to why they love each other - is it simply because of the curse or do they really, truly love each other. She goes back in time through the Announcers to see if she can find out what brought them together and why they keep being drawn to each other. Along the way, she meets an Announcer travel guide, so-to-speak, who helps guide her through the Announcer's twists and turns. The others, Angels and Demons of Daniel's are also on the journey trying to find Luce and help them or possibly, hinder them. Daniel is also simultaneously searching for Luce and why she has left him. He ponders so many things about their relationship. I really had fun with this aspect of his thoughts and feelings.

Now I have said throughout this review that this is the last book in the series, that is because I really thought it was . . . til I turned the pages at the end. There is another book in the series. YES THERE IS!! Coming out next year is the final (lol, really?) Rapture.

Seriously, so easy to fall in love with this series.

PS There is a poster in the back of the book. Even at my age, I really would have loved to post this in my room - or maybe on the back of my closet door as a secret, guilty pleasure just for me.

PPS This hardcover comes in that wonderfully smaller size that I just LOVE TO DEATH!! So fabulous. Now, I have to wait even longer to buy the series to keep.


iLuvReadingTooMuch said...

I SO want to get this book! Absolutely loved Torment, and now I need to find out what happens next. Nice Review and Happy Reading :D

Anonymous said...

Everybody seems to be loving this series, but I never really got in to Fallen. Maybe I should check Torment out :-)

Liz Mays said...

I believe you, but I really struggle to read supernatural books. I don't know why.