A country kitty for sure

I am back in the city. After much a bit of angst, I drove in last night after work. And let me tell you (no, no my arms are tired jokes, I promise) it is so loud here. Between the traffic, leaf blowers (really, who invented these??), music, pollution and other travesties to the ear, I really miss the wilderness.

I mean let's be honest, I do not live in the middle of nowhere. My neighbors are less than 10 seconds away. I love in an actual neighborhood, but it's peaceful. There are birds, animals, cars and such, but it's SO QUIET. I don't know how to describe it, much less explain it except that when I go back, I will be listening fiercely.

I know that when I go out in the morning, I want to veer off track from work and stop to get coffee OUTSIDE. I roll down my windows every moment in the car - even when it's raining. I take my book outside and read in the wind. And my job is right on a busy street. Yes, we do have traffic. Maybe only a few minutes of stopped traffic, but our noise pollution is so limited. Again, what is the difference? Is it the fact that the people want it to be quiet? Or is it my own happiness that brings out the peacefulness of where I live now?

It could be that it is more than thirty degrees cooler, after a decade of living in hot quarters.

It could be that seeing trees - real, spruce trees, birds - like hawks, blue herons, lakes, the stars up close and personal is just to riveting I cannot imagine going back to living in a claustrophobic city.

I am a country mouse now.

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Liz Mays said...

I'm so thrilled that you're so happy!