Review - Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Title: Shiver
The Wolves of Mercy Falls #1
Author: Maggie Steifvater
Publisher: Scholastic Inc
Publish Date: Aug 1, 2009
Hardcover, 400 pages
(my version audio book)

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I have no idea what I expected with this book. I think I bought it as an audio book because I remember seeing the cover at work and thought it looked good. It was also my first audio book in about a decade so I wasn't so hip to the voices. They just didn't sound like what I would figure if I read the book.

HOWEVER, I did enjoy the book. I like the story line. I liked Grace and I thought Sam was surprising. Grace's thoughts and feelings were moving. Sam was very thoughtful and pervasive. I was so intrigued that I looking forward to the next book. I will be reading it this time rather than listening to it. It was romantic. It was different and I liked that the story line was new and fresh. I usually don't enjoy books with little to no conversation, but this one held up considerably with thoughts and feelings.

Funny thing about audio books, they can make or break the book depending on the voice and inflections. In my head, I create my own, so I know I will like them.

Summary -
Grace and Sam share a kinship so close they could be lovers or siblings. But they also share a problem. When the temperature slips towards freezing, Sam reverts to his wolf identity and must retreat into the woods to protect his pack. He worries that eventually his human side will fade away and he will left howling alone at the lonely moon. A stirring supernatural teen romance.


Jennifer | Mrs Q Book Addict said...

I've heard a lot of good things about this series. Glad you see that you enjoyed it. I need to read this one soon.

Liz Mays said...

I think I saw this mentioned in a magazine recently. It sounds really interesting!