Have you seen this show?

It is MTV Show called Awkward.

When I went to visit my grandparents, I was lucky enough to fly Frontier and we had tvs.

OH YES BABE!! I SAID TELEVISION!! Over 24 channels.

For someone, like me, who doesn't really ever watch tv. Doesn't have cable, satelite or more than four channels. On a very clear, lucky day. I was thrilled.

In less than four minutes, they had me at MTV. I never even opened my Nook. Yes, that's right. The girl who can't go minutes without reading, actually watched tv. I leaned back, got comfy and tuned the entire world out. As a child, I learned that this was very easy to do. I could read a book and look up only to realize it was late, my parent's had gone to bed and the only light left on was the one next to me. I had no idea they had spoken to me, turned out the lights and went to bed.

Heaven. I was in Heaven.

Or maybe just completely zoned out and stoopid for two hours.

After about twenty minutes in to the flight, they ask you to swipe your card. I had never gotten my credit card out of my bag so quickly. I swiped. $6 wasn't bad. I would have had a price though. Even for tv and two hours to sit.

Awkward reminds me of a few shows I watched when growing up, but sadly cannot remember any of them. It is about a teenager going through the tough years of school with about as much grace as . . . well . . . , me. Jenna is the main character. She has a blog. I totally heart her already. She is creative and very sarcastic. From the MTV website -
Despite Jenna Hamilton's awkward entrance into the new school year, her perseverance and wit help her stand out from the crowd.
First episode she gets a random letter from "A Friend" who tells her she could become invisible and no one would notice. Ouch! Why are people so mean? Everything she does seems to have issues. But her personality and outlook on life persevere.

She is in love with a boy who wants to keep their non relationship a secret. Suck. He sniffs his pits when he is nervous. Odd. He gives her these incredibly sweet looks - that she counts. Cute.

Her best friend, Tamara, is hilarious. She wants to be popular so bad it kills her. Literally, she keeps messing up trying too hard. I love the episode where they are invited to a party and Tamara keeps taking random pics of people to post on her facebook.

There was a couple times on the plane where we encountered turbulence and I was so obsessed with this show that I tapped the tv trying to get it to come back on. I may have even said a few, "OMG R U KIDDING ME?!?!" out loud. Back to our regular programming.

Here's an episode -


Alyce said...

I haven't heard of this show, but then I don't watch MTV all that often. It sounds promising. :)

Misguided Mommy said...

uggggggg I clicked the video and it wouldn't let me watch it. I am going to go google it though