Using my feminine wiles

I rarely ever use my cuteness to gain things in my relationship. I am also not a crier. I don't do those things to gain my man's attention and get what I want. I usually just ask and then if it's a no, I do it myself.

However. . . .

I did use up one of my times yesterday for DQ. YUP a big, fat, full of fat BLIZZARD. We were sitting on the couch watching TV (sigh, I haven't figured out how to read while he is watching tv yet) and I realized I really wanted a dessert. In fact, I had been craving a blizzard and asked about four times that afternoon, but alas, still hadn't made our way over there. I had reached that phase where I really could live without it if, I had to go get it myself. So . . . insanity ensues.

ME: Honey, will you go get me a blizzard?

I sigh and lean back. Thinking about the blizzard my tummy would love to devour. I look at my boyfriend and say, PLEASE?
ME: Puhlease?!?!?
HIM: NOO. I don't want to go. I am comfortable.
ME: Damn it. Please?

I lean back again, bummed. I hate to push him, but . . . .

ME: Honey, please will you get me one? Please? Please? Pretty please?

He looks at me with rage and annoyance.
HIM: No if you want one, go get it.

I stare at him with what I think is the annoying love look while I flutter my eyes and try to look cute and needy. This look never works for me, but can occasionally get a laugh out of him which was what I was going for since I had pushed too far. SUCCESS! A laugh, albeit, an annoyed one.

Done! I am not asking again. Sigh, sorry blizzard. Not tonight.

20 minutes later . . .

My boyfriend huffs off the couch, cussing under his breath. As he walks by the kitchen, his roommate gives his DQ order. I stop and turn, then laugh.

ME: What? You're going?

His roommate and I laugh conspiratorially, knowing I won, but sad that he's pissed.

Later, as my belly is being filled with scrumptious, wonderful blizzard . . .

ME: Thank you! I am sorry that I pushed you.

Sigh, goodness comes with a price.


Julie @ Read Handed said...

Haha! I'm lucky because my husband is usually poised and waiting for the go ahead on me letting him go to DQ. He usually wants Blizzards way more than I do, so when I do get that craving, I have no problem getting him to make a DQ run!

WhisperingWriter said...

Okay thanks, now I want a blizzard. And there are no DQs around our house!