Please explain wth. . .

I could tell I was completely and utterly tired. Way too tired to run any errands. Yet, I still did.

I did the best I could to keep pushing myself back to the front of the store so I could leave, instead of wander aimlessly around the store til I keeled over from tiredness. (you know how that is right? I always wander forever in stores when my brain is done)

Finally, made it to the cashier.

Right next to my credit card is a coupon for 5% off. As I pull out my card, she sees the coupon.

Cashier: Did you want me to scan that?
Me: No, it's only a $6 purchase. I don't want to use it today.
C: But you can use it all day.
Me: No I won't be back today. (it's after 7pm)
C: But you can use it over and over again all day.
Me: I really won't be back today.
C: But you can continuously use it in a 24 hr period.
Me: (pause and breath) I really will not be back today or tomorrow, so no.
C: But . . . and she walks away making noises like I am stupid.

Is it me? Really? Is it me?

WHY in blazes would I use a 5% coupon on a $6 purchase? 30 cents!! I completely understand I can use it all day long, but a) the day is already over and b) my next day will be insane at work and I am sure I will not be coming back. What kind of sense does that make to the cashier? What am I missing?

I personally would rather wait til my purchase is much higher to use it anyhow.

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