Detox, Day 5

I realized I went from Day 1 to Day 5 on my blog. Too bad I couldn't have also skipped those days on the actual detox. lol

It has been a very rocky road. Not easy at all.

Day one wasn't too bad . . . compared to the others.

Day 2 was pretty rough as the actual detox hit my system while I was at work. Needless to say I was worried I wouldn't make it through my shift, but lo and behold, it was okay. The actual drinking of liquids was way easier on day 2, but the body effects were tough. I was tired, achy, little headachy, then add in the fact that my own body decided to detox all the food in a matter of 4 hours, uhm not pretty. I felt pretty shaky for that time, but then it cleared and all was ok.

Day 3 was worse due to the fact that I read the detox too literally. (Me? too literal? never!) I ate fruit for breakfast, ugh I miss my cereal SO BAD. Then had a smoothie shake for snack. Then lunch. Ah, lunch, the one thing I was looking forward to. Bummer. The one cup of rice I made, was under cooked. Then the veggies I stir fried were awful!! They all tasted like turnips. Which apparently I do not like. I picked out the turnips and nawed on the rest. Very unhappily. By afternoon snack time I wanted to kill someone. I knew I wasn't going to continue this detox if I couldn't figure out the food.

I texted my boyfriend and asked him to reread the detox. He said I could eat any veggies, not just the detox specific.

Now I am on board.

Day 5 all is better. I have been cooking the rice every other day. I then have a mixture of whatever veggies are around. Last night for dinner, I made a portobello mushroom in oil and onions then a side salad of spinach, squash, blueberries, strawberries and grapes.

But honestly, I would do a lot for a bowl of cereal or a pizza.

Also, sugar is one mean motherf*cker. I am pretty sure I detoxed sugar on day 3 as well. Have you ever wanted to punch someone repeatedly and then just punch everyone else in arms length? I felt like I just could have gone home and called it good. I truly like people, but day 3 was a hateful day.

Yesterday was really the first day I was around others while eating. Since I take my breaks at work by myself and live by myself, I have been eating alone. Then at my boyfriend's house, I felt like my parent's dogs hovering over while he ate his pasta and bread. I wasn't hungry, I just wanted what he had.

One thing I have learned on this detox, is food is fuel for the body. I do not need it to feel better. I do not need it to enjoy life. It is just fuel for the body. Should it be tasteful? Yes, but most crappy food doesn't really taste all that good. I mean the people I work with eat pizzas from work which in reality, are so full of grease I cannot taste the food. They smell heavenly, taste? Not so much. The coffee is so chock full of chocolate, what's the point?

I drank an iced tea that was SO MUCH BETTER than the mocha I ever had at Starbucks and it was so much healthier. I realized that food I can make at home is so much more worth it! And with websites like Gluten Free on a Shoestring, I can cook at home all the time. And I really love to cook!!

I am excited to start being gluten free. And not just because I could take this detox and fling it out the nearest window. I am looking forward to being healthier, feeling better and knowing I am making that choice for myself. There are so many wonderful opportunities out there for gluten free individuals, that I know I will not be missing out.

Two more days and I will wake up to a bowl of Chex Cereal and a banana and a pizza (Gluten free, of course) for lunch and probably a big ass steak for dinner (with veggies)!

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