Movie Review - The Call

Just left the theaters from seeing the new movie with Halle Berry called The Call. It was so incredibly fun! Kept my on the edge of my seat and a hand half covering my face.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this movie. First of all, I really don't like scary movies. (No I don't know why I like to try and see them) I do like to figure out the plot and how it will develop, though. I also tried to get a friend to go with me, but she was out of town. Blah, so I decided to give it a go by myself.

I am really intrigued right now with the emergency people and jobs, as I want to get my EMS license so I can volunteer once a month with the fire department paramedics. So knowing Halle Berry's character, Jordan, is a 9-1-1 operator right away was a great thing. Then add in a serial killer and a teenage girl - that right there is pretty much a great teen book - which have become my favorite genre!

Halle Berry played a wonderful emergency operator with a traumatic experience and then reliving it to see how she would do things (if anything) different.  But the one who stole the show was the teenage girl abducted, Abigail Breslin, who plays Casey. She has been in other movies like My Sister's Keeper and Little Miss Sunshine. She is the type of girl who it's easy to fall in love with. She is kind, friendly, beautiful, funny, but also vulnerable and strong. It didn't take long for me to start rooting for her to get away safely, but I am not telling whether or not she does! Halle Berry's boyfriend is a cop which made it more interesting because we got to see the side where the operator job ends and the call-in emergency people step in.

This is a fantastic movie for a girls night out or even a date as there is a simply titillating twist at the end!!

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Curling Up With a Good Book said...

Love the movie review!!! Have you seen the new OZ yet?? Just wondering if it is good! I am going to check it out Monday!