Book Release: The Exodia Ledgers by Debra Chapoton

Released Today June 25, 2015!

An Epic Journey Like None You've Ever Read Before

By 2093 American life is a strange mix of failing technologies, psychic predictions, and radiation induced abilities. Tattoos are mandatory to differentiate two classes, privileged and slave. Dalton Battista fears that his fading tattoo is a deadly omen. He’s either the heir of the brutal tyrant of the new capital city, Exodia or he’s its prophesied redeemer. Shy, handsome, smart and in possession of powers he doesn’t yet realize, he escapes an order for his execution by fleeing the city with the help of Lydia, who quickly captures his heart. But can he escape a destiny that will force him to marry another girl and return to Exodia as its liberator? 

Based loosely on the ancient story of Moses, this two book dystopian journey crosses genres, combining young adult, new adult, sci-fi, magical realism, and speculative fiction for an adventure full of symbolism, hidden codes, and thematic imagery.

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From the author:
Thank you so much for your continued support. I appreciate my fans - you are the best! I hope you enjoy The Exodia Ledgers.
Debra Chapoton

From Early Reviewers:
"5 stars out of 5!"
"a fantastic read"
"very clever ... well-written ... if you're after a unique twist on a dystopian novel, this book is for you."

"Exodia was like nothing I'd ever read before. Deep. Layered. Very cool."
"2 books that can be enjoyed by any age group"
"I loved the subtle connections and all the cryptic messages"

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