five senses friday - monsoon

Visiting abby try again blog, I love her five senses friday. It is refreshing and beautiful. Thought I'd give it a try.

I've had a couple of really crappy past couple of days, so I plan on focusing on the main wonderful thing I experienced this week.

For (possibly) one more week we received really incredible low temperatures (for us) with rain and storms one last time before the god awful summer heat.

the new curtains I put up this past weekend billowing, swirling and whipping around

the clink of the blinds hitting the window sill

the cool breeze blowing around me, grazing my skin, the moistness of a storm to come


the heaviness of the rain to come and the lightness of the wind

Feel free to give Five Senses Friday a go (like I did). Click here for the link.

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jayaycee said...

That is a great picture. You can feel the drama in the air!