five senses friday - the puzzle

See Abby for information on participating in Five Senses Friday.

The soft, moist pumpkin bread Saint (see the guy in the hat?) made which is so good because the outside is sweet (unlike most breads) and the inside always melts in my mouth

frustrated because I wasn't very helpful on this puzzle, but my cup runnith over with love for these two people in my life (Bugley, my 13 yr old niece is behind the camera); I pray I will never forget how truly wonderful it is to feel so amazingly free and happy like this with the knowledge that I never knew life could be like this

the sounds of the tv show Malcomn in the middle in the background; they were laughing so hard I couldn't bring myself to ask them to turn off the tv

the ever present smell of defeat of Saint being able to put together a puzzle twice as fast as I can (yes, we're a bit competitive)

what an lazy afternoon could be like in 10 years should we actually have a future together


jayayceeblog said...

Sounds like fun ... I grew up with a jigsaw puzzle always in progress on a card table in our rec room!

abby try again said...

Thanks for playing along!
Oh man, I haven't done a puzzle in a long time-sounds fun.
Happy Monday!