no receipt return

Someone explain this one to me, k?

I had a guy in tonight who returned three shirts from 2007. He did not have a receipt, but he wanted full price for them because the tags were still on AND he wanted cash back.


I have been in retail for over 12 years. I don't know anyone who will do this. Not one store.

If you don't have a receipt, a store doesn't know
a) how much you paid for it
b) how you paid for it

He threw a fit. He could not fathom that we would not do this for him. He was going to have to call corporate.


My favorite is when he said that he could go to (insert big department store name) and they would do exactly what he wanted. THEY would take care of him.

Well, then shit he should go there.

Honestly, not even Walmart will give a return purchase at the original value and in cash and they're the kings of returns. You can return a dead plant (that you killed), the pot and the planting soil (after potted) AND if you have a receipt they will give you cash back.

But no receipt = no refund.

We are at least a retail shop that has a computer system that can tell exactly what a piece is selling for right now. Obviously, we are lucky we have outlets or we wouldn't be able to give anything past the season like most stores. But the outlets allow us to sell our clothes longer - and therefore give return amounts longer.

I am just completely confused at where people get their ideas from.


Anonymous said...

Man! That guy's a piece o' work!

jayayceeblog said...

Every time I hear something like this I am so glad to be out of retail. I realize there are people who try your patience (and just plain idiots) in every industry, but I swear retail was the worst!!!