the yogurt shop

Saint and I visited this very cool, very posh yogurt shop. I had yet to ever go in a yogurt shop because it costs less than $1 for yogurt at the store, so how could I ever pull a Starbucks with yogurt.

Saint was meeting someone and he was hungry, so we thought we'd give it a try.

It's odd. There is the yogurt bar -

where I grabbed a cup to fill up which every and how much yogurt I liked. Then there is a yogurt toppings bar. Lots and lots of different toppings. We went simple, i think because it was still early in the day. I chose Strawberry yogurt (yes, I tasted them all) with bananas and pineapples.

The cups look ginormous!

But after they had mixed up our drink, we ordered a yogurt shake, it wasn't so big. It was really for Saint, but I think I sucked most of it down myself. Then again, I picked out the flavor yogurt. I am not sure he was as keen to strawberry as I was, but he wouldn't change his mind once decided that I got to pick.

They have this fabulous posh sitting area. It has these almost old-fashioned leather bucket seats with tvs showing cartoons.

They have a few chairs that spin. I video taped the spin simply because I was having way too much fun! (can anyone tell me WHY my videos will NOT turn up vertical?)

Have you tried a yogurt shop yet?


Anonymous said...

I love yogurt stores! In fact, I have frequent flier cards for both near me.

BTW - I love your WWMTS idea. I will have to say that to myself when I need to make a decision. LOL.

Trac~ said...

SO CUTE! I've never been to a yogurt shop before. *blush*

jayayceeblog said...

Marble Slab, yes. Cold Stone Creamery, check. Yogurt shop ... um, no. It's now on my list!!!

Tina said...

i never knew you could get yoghurt shops. looks well cool. i wanna go to one lol

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