Grace in small things - edition four

1. Saint making dinner, even if it turned out to be hamburger helper. Doesn't matter, he though about making dinner - good enough for me. Very sweet.

2. Kittie cuddles. Both Izabel and Tuesday, are the sweetest when it comes to cat cuddles. They can't wait for me to get the door open and bend down for hellos.

3. Clean sheets. Ugh, how I love that snug, cool feeling when crawling into sheets smelling of drying sheets and pulled taut.

4. Sandra Bullock. Seriously one of my fav actresses simply because she seems to be down to earth and I just love her movies. Big fan. Good for her winning an MTV award.

5. Natalee Holloway's family may find some closure after all. Very sad story.

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Duchess said...

I think we are twins! I love love love Sandra Bullock :0) My favorite most nights is Two Weeks Notice, but Speed and The Proposal are up there too.

jayayceeblog said...

Outstanding edition! Also love when the man of the house makes dinner; it's puppy kisses for me; clean sheets are a bit of heaven; love Sandra Bullock, too; and so hopin' Natalee Holloway's family gets some justice!!!