becoming an outdoor woman

Years ago.

YEARS ago, people, my mother clipped an article out of the newspaper to give to me. She felt it was something that would appeal to me. I, in return, was so enamored with this particular idea I put it in my wallet -

to be forgotten -

until now.

I found it in the beginning of this year. The article, I mean. Not my wallet.

And I unfolded it, smoothed the article out and immediately got on my computer to visit their website. Lo and behold, there is an outing coming up in a couple of months that is just a hop, skip and jump from my home. WOOT!

Check ANOTHER item off my list of things I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO!!


People say that your thirties are way better than your twenties and I have to say, they are so right. Not only because I know who I am (or maybe just know who I want to be, uhm, realistically anyhow), but because I have the means to DO the things I want (or maybe just no longer waiting for the right time).

So this adventure is called, Becoming an Outdoor Woman. It is all these wonderful workshops that are geared towards women to learn how to be outside - fishing, rappelling, hunting, shooting, etc. If this isn't cool, I don't know what is.


It is less than a couple of weeks before I get to go and I AM SO EXCITED!!

Saint and I went on a four day camping trip, so I know I am so prepared to get dirty and learn some new wilderness stuff.

Here is what I signed up for AND SCORE, I got all the classes I asked for!!
  • I’M LOST NOW WHAT? Hands-on class covering basic mountain and desert survival: shelter, water and food. The class will create a mock survival camp. This class covers planning, protection and prevention skills for your next venture into the wild. Learn practical solutions for overnight survival in the wilderness. You will learn how to avoid emergencies in the out-of-doors, but still be prepared for them if they do occur. You will receive a booklet outlining basic survival rules and skills. Learn how to equip the ultimate field survival fanny pack and how to use it.
    Learn the fine art of getting from point A to point B in a canoe or a kayak without going swimming. This session is an introduction to the basic strokes and safety tips for beginning paddlers. This is a fun hands-on course on flat water with plenty of practice and personalized instruction. You will also receive a paddling how-to booklet, a brief discussion on the types of canoes and kayaks available, terminology, and wearing apparel suggestions.
    Learn the basics of Dutch oven cooking and produce mouth-watering cobblers, rolls and main dishes in a camp-like setting. Students will learn how to use these traditional camp cooking utensils as well receive many great recipes to try yourself.
    This class will focus on the equipment and skills necessary to catch bass, catfish, sunfish and other species. Learn proper lure selection and the use of these lures. Learn the most effective bait and fishing techniques for warm water species. With this knowledge, participants will be well prepared to catch fish in Arizona’s warm waters. The Arizona Game and Fish Department will furnish all equipment. No fishing license is required.
I chose these classes because I wanted to learn how to be in the outdoors. I really want to learn how to make fire, cook from few items, live in the environment with limited capabilities.

On Saturday night, they have a falconer coming which I seriously cannot wait for. I am not a fan of birds - they scare me a bit - but I love owls and falcons and dangerous, strong birds.

I realize that this is not exactly "roughing it," but I am looking forward to learning. And having fun, of course. It is like summer camp for grown women.

Or at least that is the impression I am going into this with.

Guess, I'll see.

Due to my eye surgery, I had to change my kayaking class to Outdoor Essentials. Bummer. but still a good looking class.

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