Still too early to think about kids

Saint and I went to a mexican food restaurant the other night.

As we walked in and sat down, we realized we were the only ones there. Literally. The only guests. At first it was odd, but after a bit, it became pleasant and peaceful.

Neither of us felt the need to fill the silence, though we did exchange a bit of conversation. We were just digging into our dinners when out of no where comes screeching and chaos. Screaming. Rowdiness. Laughter. And lots of NO's!

We turn around and in walks a family with four kids all under the age of 8. I laughed, turned and looked at Saint and knew he was not happy. He is not a fan of loud, crazy kids. He was especially not in the mood that night. I am pretty sure that is why he vetoed my first suggestion of Arribas and went for the local family mexican food place instead.

At first, it didn't bother me. After about ten minutes of the kids running around chairs, still screaming; I was starting to get annoyed. It had been so peaceful.

The parents finally got settled, took each of the kids to the bathroom and then ordered their food.

Time passed without either of us realizing that it was back to being quiet. Not peaceful. But it was quiet. I glanced over and every single one of those kids - under the age of 8 - were sitting on their knees on the chairs and talking in inside voices, coloring away.

My jaw dropped.

Now there is a prime example of good parenting. You cannot take the kid out of a kid, but you can teach them to be calm. Like dogs out the door, they are crazy with excitement, but once the newness is over, all is well.

Well done.


Shell said...

Mine are like that. They might seem insane right at first, but then they calm down.

kt moxie said...

Thank you for noticing! I feel like bad kids' behavior in public is pointed out so often, that it is assumed that all kids actly badly in public. Good parenting, good kids. I actually get complimented quite often in public for how well my children act. Ironically -- it is usually by older women. I assume that is because they are "women who KNOW." LOL

WhisperingWriter said...

It really depends on my children's moods. Sometimes they calm down, othertimes, not so much.

jayayceeblog said...

Wow, that's really impressive. And something we don't see often enough anymore!