This is where I live now

I woke up this morning to find this out my window -

When my moving vehicle arrived here yesterday there were small piles of snow off to the side of some of the streets.

When we walked my parent's dogs, there was a bit of snow on the grass mixed in with the pine needles.

And yes, I know that it snows here!! Thank you to all the people who stated that every time I said I was moving here.

But I have to be honest that it was a HUGE SHOCK to wake up and see that there was snow EVERY WHERE and it was still snowing.

I honestly thought I would have a few more weeks to get acquainted with the area before I was smacked in the face with snow blizzards.

I am laughing at myself too. Mind you. BUT I AM STILL IN COMPLETE SHOCK!!!
The above picture is my new awesome townhome. I am the second one in. I am so blessed. It is the coolest little place right in front of a gorgeous pond.

Above is my little road before I turn in to my driveway.

And there I am.

And here is the current view from my desk area - after the day of snowfall.

PS: If I've learned one thing about snow dwellers, they have no thought for the lines in the road or the lines in a parking area. They drive and park with as much room as they feel their vehicle needs.


kt moxie said...

Great pictures! From a fellow northerner: you follow the tracks of the vehicle in front of you (if you can see them). That's the safest path -- even if it's the middle of the road! :)

jayayceeblog said...

It's gorgeous, even if it's frozen over! Just slow down, stay in the right lane and let everyone pass you. I've slipped and fallen on ice and done a big spin in my vehicle on black ice which was no fun at all. And always make sure you don't go below a quarter of a tank of gas -- Murphy's Law says that the second your gas tank gets low, you'll get stuck somewhere or be unable to make it to a gas station. Geez, is that enough doom and gloom for you? Enjoy the beauty!!!