Wordless Wednesday - Cackling Geese

I have been doing research this morning trying to figure out what the geese are outside my window on the lake. They are VERY LOUD honkers!! I actually really like it. It's just funny when it gets quiet all I can hear is constant honking. It is very distinct.

From what I can tell, they are Canadian Geese, called Cackling Geese. How very appropriate.

I noticed this morning that the lake looks different and realized that it is because half of it has frozen. These geese don't seem to mind. It also occurred to me this morning, I wonder how long they will reside here? Will they fly somewhere else for the winter because it is already winter, to me?

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

I love to watch them. I wonder though, if they are all geese as I have seen these guys run for a very long distance across the top of the water.

Wordless Wednesday


jayayceeblog said...

Cackling seems like such a weird word to describe geese. Great photos! I don't know how they put their feet and butts into that ice cold water!!!

Beth F said...

Nothing marks the change of seasons more than the geese migration.

kt moxie said...

Hello northerner! So, I'm in Michigan where we have millions of Canadian geese. Pesky things, really. Watch out for the goose poop. It's green and everywhere!

So, Canadian geese migrate from Canada to the U.S. They actually don't mind the cold that much as long as there is food, so they will stick around even if there is ice on the water. You might be in an area where the geese have migrated TO not FROM (believe it or not). They might travel further south, or not. Some don't migrate at all if they find a nice area that has lots of food. Some neighborhoods hire dogs or purchase real or fake swans (geese and swans don't get along) to keep the geese away. :)