Wordless Wednesday - shoe hill

With all of these shoes, one would think I would be able to find a couple pairs of close toed, business looking, comfortable shoes to wear to my new job, no? Two pairs!! That's it and I am afraid when I am on my feet all day, I need more than two. Don't I?


Wordless Wednesday


homeage said...

Yes, a girl needs lots of comfy, smart shoes! It's all I can wear, no heels, no pointy toes, so when I see them I buy them (and having big feet I don't see them often enough!)

So, off to the shops and get some more shoes, young lady! :)

Happy WW!

Danielle said...

A girl needs her shoes!


jayayceeblog said...

Wasn't there a famous battle waged on Shoe Hill? Shoe organizer hanging on the back of your door. Works for me! =)

caite said...

that is quite the pile!
but you are right..if you are on your feet all day, it is all about the shoes.

The Literary Lioness said...

You need comfortable shoes! What can I say?

I've given you an award! Come over to my blog to check it out!