the steel toed boots

Saint works in a place where he is in charge of a team of people who unload a truck of product and then push it out to the floor, among other things. Point is he works around a lot of heavy boxes and uses major equipment. And on occasion a large flat will roll over his foot or feet and it will hurt.

His current shoes are being held together with duct tape. DUCT TAPE. Do they work? Yes, but he has rolled over his toes more than a few times. I have recommended that he gets some steel toed shoes, but he refuses. He swears they are heavy and ugly.

I found a FABULOUS deal on a pair of black steel toed boots for him for Christmas. I looked forever (about three hours) for a pair that did not have the ankle support because I was sure that was a major deal breaker. No luck. Must have the ankle if I was to have steel toes. I bought them online, so I got free shipping, a low price and a discount on top of that. Even though I wasn't sure he would love them, I thought the practicality of them would win him over. (Is that how all women think?)

When he came into town (and the boots were in transit to my place to be wrapped) we wandered through a shoe store and I pointed out the exact pair of shoes I bought him and said, SO what do you think of these? (My god, WHY do I do this to myself???)

His answer, "I would never, ever, wear those boots. They are the worst."

Hmmmm, maybe I should rethink this whole steel toed boots gift.

So what does any girl do? I called my mom and she told me to give them to him anyway. She assures me it will be fine.

So I did. I gave them to him.

I have no idea what he really thought when he opened the box and saw those most hideous boots, but he faked it well enough for me to believe he likes them. Then I retold him the story of his comment in the store. Whoops. No really, he didn't remember saying that. Haha jokes on me. I will never forget that little comment.

A week later, he really like the boots. He is shocked that they are not as heavy as he thought. In fact, he doesn't even realize the weight of them. He did have to buy socks that went above the ankle because the first day he rubbed his achilles' raw. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to know he is happier and safer at work - even just a little bit. He even added gel insoles to add comfort.

Granted he lives in a different city than I do and could very well be lying. He is an admitted liar. In fact, and I quote, "I am good at it and therefore will continue to do it." But I have a feeling, he likes them, but I am okay with telling myself that he likes them (even if I am lying to myself).

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jayayceeblog said...

I'll bet you just about died when he made that comment in the store and you already had them being shipped. What a hoot. He probably really does love them, even if it's just because you were concerned for him. That's a sweet gift! =D